13 Reasons Why Eyebrow Gel Is The Answer To All Your Brow Problems


“Eyebrow jelly is a easiest approach to tame brows and make them demeanour fuller and groomed,” says makeup artist Tasha Brown, who works with Yara Shahidi, Logan Browning, and Maggie Betts. “I use transparent brows jelly and brush brows upwards and out for simple grooming. My go-to technique is to use a brow powder and emanate small, hair-like strokes in a instruction a hair grows in a brows. Then we finish with a inexhaustible cloaking of coloured brow jelly for a clean, plausible effect.” Her favorite jelly is nothing other than a cult-favorite Glossier Brow Boy. Here, Boy Brow and 12 other gels that will keep your brow diversion strong.


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