6 Beauty and Fitness Secrets we Learned from VS Angel Elsa Hosk


We’re about one week out from a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and VS Angel Elsa Hosk isn’t stressing about following a despotic diet or examination regimen. “The happier we am and a reduction manners we put on myself, a improved we look,” she insists. “It usually comes opposite in a opposite way.” But, that’s doesn’t meant she’s doing nothing. The Swedish indication has been focusing copiousness on her beauty slight in particular. Read on for some-more on how she gets catwalk ready, from her beauty secrets to how she creates operative out indeed feel like fun.

Indulge in visit facials

“I’ve been doing a lot of facials since we like to keep my skin unequivocally transparent right before a show,” Hosk says. “I onslaught with skin sometimes, so I’ve been doing facials with Teresa Tarmey who usually non-stop her salon in TriBeca.” She goes once a week forward of a VS Fashion show, though when it’s not showtime she opts for a facial once or twice a month.

Have a skin-first proceed to makeup

“I’m unequivocally into Dr. Barbara Strum products,” Hosk says, “Her things is calming, all-natural mixture and unequivocally creates my skin glow. we do a hyalauronic poison serum, afterwards we do a good moisturizer, and afterwards we start doing makeup. we always do foundation, concealer, eyeliner, afterwards some rouge.”

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Make cardio fun and do it everyday

While Hosk does embody regulating in her pre-VS Fashion uncover regimen, newly she’s been removing into an choice form of cardio. “I’ve been training with Megan Roup, who does dance cardio. It’s lots of toning moves for a glutes, legs, and arms. She’s usually unequivocally fun—I like to brew it adult as most as possible,” a indication says.

As for how mostly she works out, Hosk spends a month before a uncover attack a gym each singular day. “I do take days off when my body’s exhausted, though I’m unequivocally perplexing to keep adult a work six, 7 times a week until a uncover is on,” she adds. She also prefers physique weight training over training with weights. “I usually get agh, ‘I don’t like this!’ Heavy weights can make me unequivocally angry,” she explains.

Eat a offset diet

Hosk doesn’t allow to any specific manners about what to eat and what not to eat, since it usually creates her wish all she’s aiming to cut out. “Every year we learn some-more about what works for me and what doesn’t. we consider it’s unequivocally all about balance,” she elaborates. “I try to stay divided from processed food and eat organic with lots of vegetables and unequivocally nutritive dishes to keep me strong. You have to eat scrupulously to do a uncover since it’s a lot of energy—and a runway is long!”

Take beauty risks

Hosk says a strangest beauty product she’s ever attempted was Dr. Barbara Sturm’s blood cream done from, yes, her verbatim blood. “It was during Paris conform week and we was like, ‘What do we meant you’re going to take my blood and put it in a cream?'” she recalls, “I saw formula right away. we was exhausted, we remember it was a final leg of conform month and my skin was a grey-ish color. we was like ‘Shit, we need some help. we wore [the blood cream] to bed and woke adult and my skin was alive again. It’s so crazy how your possess blood can reanimate your skin.”

Hosk is also adult for crazy hair colors. Icy blonde is partial of her signature demeanour (she maintains it regulating a drugstore classical Clairol Shimmering Lights shampoo), has went with bubblegum pinkish for Coachella. “I didn’t wish to wear a dress though we wanted to make a statement, so we suspicion [pink hair] was fun. It was usually ostensible to stay for a integrate of days,” she says. “It finished adult not soaking out. we had to fire a debate with a pinkish hair! When it finally cleared out we kind of missed it.”

Transform yourself with fragrance

“My beloved indeed doesn’t like when we wear fragrance, so he forbids me to wear it,” Hosk jokes, adding that she does, however, suffer wearing masculine, “darker” fragrances on nights out and when she wants to get in a zone. On a VS Fashion uncover runway, she’ll be wearing VS’s new perfume, Love Star. “It’s good to get into impression and wear a incense that fits a moment. This will assistance me get into that beautiful, voluptuous vibe my demeanour is going to give,” she says of a fruity-floral scent.


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