6 ways to get your Christmas selling even if you’re going to be out


Christmas selling can be a nightmare, generally if we leave it too late and have to rest on heaving high streets to find final notation gifts.

It’s because many of us have incited to online selling to facilitate a process. But, even then, it’s unavoidable that those essential deliveries will arrive while you’re out – during work, picking adult a kids from propagandize or only generally unavailable.

Never fear. Some of a vital retailers offer choice ways for we to get your online purchase. You no longer have to leave a note observant leave it in a bin strew or ask a neighbour pleasantly to keep reason of it for we until we get back. Instead, we can collect your item(s) on your approach to or returning from work.

So here’s some of a options online retailers offer that will assistance we get your packages but carrying to stay in all day…

eBay Click Collect

eBay offers a Click Collect use opposite Argos, Sainsbury’s and adult to another 3,500 stores adult and down a UK. Thousands of sellers on a online auction site are sealed adult a scheme, so that when we sequence something from them we can name your many accessible store to collect it adult from. When your parcel is prepared for collection, we will accept an email and/or content summary revelation we that we can come in to get it.

The summary will have a collection formula that we need to uncover a supporter in store and that’s about it. Simple.

Free smoothness is accessible on millions of items, while some also offer demonstrate smoothness to get them to a stores faster.

Argos Click Collect

Argos itself also offers a Click Collect service, and not only in a possess stores around a UK.

Thanks to a partnership with Sainsbury’s, we can collect adult Argos bought equipment from a internal Sainsbury’s nearest you. You can check out a store locator on Argos’ possess website, that lists both Argos and participating Sainsbury’s locations in your area.

Amazon Lockers and Pickup collection

Amazon UK has several ways of receiving packages when we are not in, including during Underground stations. There are Amazon Lockers during Finchley Central and Newbury Park Tube stations – in their particular automobile parks. There are other lockers dotted around too.

Amazon also has a possess Click Collect service, with thousands of Pickup locations dotted around a country. You can sequence an object on a one-day smoothness and opt to have it delivered to a Pickup residence circuitously you.

You can find out where your internal Pickup indicate or Amazon Locker here.

Amazon and Royal Mail

Amazon has also struck a understanding with a Royal Mail to use all of a 10,500 Post Office locations around a nation as Pickup points.

Free deliveries to Post Office locations are accessible to Prime subscribers, with non-members charged First Class delivery.

John Lewis Click Collect and Collect+

John Lewis runs a Click Collect use for grouping online too. If we sequence an object by 8pm we are means to collect it from a designated store by 2pm a day after. That includes both branches of John Lewis and name Waitrose supermarkets.

This is a giveaway service. However, we can also have an object delivered to a Collect+ emporium for an additional £3.50 if one of those is closer. There are 5,500 Collect+ shops around a nation and we will be means to collect adult an object a subsequent day if we sequence it online by 2pm.

You can find a Collect+ store circuitously we here.


If we don’t wish to sequence your products from any of a above, we can always Doddle them.

Doddle is a use that will broach parcels systematic from any online tradesman to one of several Doddle shops around a country. You can use an iPhone app to check out when your parcel is prepared to collect or can be sent a formula directly if we use a opposite kind of device.

You only need to put an choice residence when we check out after selling online and name a Doddle emporium nearby, along with your name and Doddle comment number.

Find out some-more during Doddle’s dedicated website.


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