Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018) review: Thinner, brighter, better


Amazon has a new 2018 Kindle Paperwhite – a company’s many renouned ebook reader – that offers front enlightenment on a arrangement to make it easy to examination in any conditions.

The prior pattern of a Kindle Paperwhite was announced in 2015 so has had a rather enlarged life. While there isn’t a outrageous change in a position, functionality or specs of this new device, there are some pointed changes.

New agree design

  • 167 x 116 x 8.2mm, 182g
  • Flat display
  • IPX8 waterproofing

The prior Kindle Paperwhite had a conspicuous bezel to it, framing a display, though also combining a earthy separator around a edges. It’s rather antiquated in pattern and while it has never been excessively chunky, a new pattern is all about slimming things down. 

Importantly, a arrangement now loses a conspicuous bezel, so it’s now a prosaic finish. Amazon hasn’t totally private a border, though afterwards we still need some space to hold a Kindle though branch a pages (which happens by a daub or appropriate on a display). The outcome is that it’s easier to swipe, as we don’t strike a corner anymore, and it’s also easier to purify clean, as a bezel no longer traps silt or soil around a edges.

Pocket-lintreview picture 6

Some competence contend that compared to a latest smartphones a demeanour isn’t hugely progressive, though it retains a 6-inch shade like a infancy of other Kindle inclination and we feel this is a good size.

Since a launch of a 2015 Paperwhite, Amazon has launched a integrate of top-tier inclination in a Kindle Oasis. The reward reader is a radical change of instruction in terms of design, though a new Paperwhite doesn’t adopt all of those elements. The Oasis offers earthy buttons as good as touch, while a Paperwhite is hold only. We indeed like a buttons on a Oasis, it’s easier to spin pages, though given a £110 cost disproportion between models, a Paperwhite is unequivocally softened value for money.

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The back of a new Kindle Paperwhite is a rubberised non-slip finish; a Kindle has for a enlarged time stranded to black plastics and there isn’t a outrageous change here, though one of a critical changes is a introduction of IPX8 waterproofing. This means that if you’re held in a sleet and your bag leaks, or we dump your Kindle in a pool, afterwards it won’t get shop-worn and that’s not something to be dismissed. 

The new Kindle is lighter during 182g for a Wi-Fi chronicle compared to 204g before and that’s a weight you’ll feel with enlarged reading. The discretionary cover can supplement 119g to that weight, many of that is insurance for a arrangement during a front – though it’s value carrying something to equivocate scratches on a screen.

Overall, these are acquire pattern refreshes, though if we already have a Kindle Paperwhite that works ideally fine, there’s no genuine reason to refurbish it.

An E Ink arrangement with softened illumination

  • 6-inch, 300dpi E Ink display
  • Laminated for blemish resistance
  • Front illumination 

The Paperwhite is all about a enlightenment on a front of a display. This is radically opposite to a arrangement on a tablet, since it’s usually lighting a surface, so we can examination a monochrome E Ink in a dark. Because it’s not regulating LCD technology, it’s unequivocally careful with power, giving we about 6 weeks of use – according to Amazon’s stats.

In use, a battery life is mostly commanded by how many page turns we make and how frequently you’re accessing information online, as good as a arrangement brightness. Take a Kindle on holiday and spend hours reading on a beach, you’ll substantially have to assign a battery after a week. Causally examination in bed during home to assistance we to sleep, and it’ll final weeks between charges. Needless to say, in a week we’ve been reading a new Paperwhite, we’ve not managed to exhaust a battery – though carrying used a prior chronicle extensively, we know this to be a case.

Pocket-lintreview picture 3

What we don’t get is any refurbish from a micro-USB for charging and there’s no discerning charging technology. While this competence supplement cost, it would be a preference feature, as a Kindle takes a integrate of hours to entirely charge. The use of a bequest tie will meant unresolved onto an aged horse or wire if we have changed on to a complicated Android smartphone – during slightest we don’t have to use it unequivocally mostly on a Kindle.

There are now 5 LED illuminators and they expel a enlightenment opposite a arrangement good and evenly. The arrangement stays a same distance as it was before – 6 inches on a erratic – a usually incomparable device is a second-gen Oasis that is 7 inches. But afterwards we don’t need a outrageous arrangement – it’s about a same distance as a normal paperback. As with a aged Paperwhite, it’s 300dpi – so ideally pointy for a pursuit it’s doing and a usually genuine disproportion we mark between a aged and new versions is that a aged Kindle shows a wear from a integrate of years of reading.

There’s no automobile composition of enlightenment as you’ll find in a new Oasis (and a now gone Voyage), so composition is manual, holding a integrate of taps to spin it adult or down. To be honest, that should fit many people fine, though if you’re reading in daylight, we competence as good spin a enlightenment off, since we won’t need it.

Illumination is where a Paperwhite wins over a simple Kindle, as we can simply examination in a dim with wanting a light or a torch.

New features, same feeling

  • Quick entrance to rise presets
  • Bluetooth support for Audible books 

One of a new additions rising on this Paperwhite is by-pass entrance to opposite profiles. The Kindle offers a operation of opposite fonts, sizes and spacings. Rather than carrying to manually change this for any reader, we can simply make presets and afterwards entrance them on a fly. 

It’s maybe a small niche in terms of usability – if it’s usually we regulating your Kindle, we competence never make any changes after a initial setup to your preferences. Amazon suggested that if you’re pity reading, maybe with a child, afterwards that creates it easy – maybe creation a calm incomparable for a younger child to examination themselves, before switching to a denser perspective for reading to them.

Pocket-lintAmazon Kindle Paperwhite examination picture 11

Having used a Kindle for a array of years – and rise changes and sizes have always been probable – a further of these presets doesn’t unequivocally supplement anything to a knowledge for us.

Perhaps a bigger further is harmony with Audible. Audible is Amazon’s audiobook association and in many cases we can buy both a created and oral book during a same time. Kindle, by WhisperSync, will let we burst from one form of a book to another, with a Kindle Paperwhite now charity Bluetooth so we can bond to speakers or headphones.

It’s an engaging addition, though we think that many would use a smartphone for Audible rather than a Kindle. Still, it’s there if we wish it. 

There’s also a slight modernise to a home shade environment, though as distant as we know, this will be updated on comparison inclination too, so everybody will get it. What doesn’t change is a attribute that a Kindle has with a Kindle Store and your libraries. 

Kindle Store could do with a refresh

The good thing about a Kindle is not usually a ability to store lots of books, though a ability to entrance lots of new reading material. The seamless communication with a Kindle Store creates it easy to buy some-more content. But it’s an knowledge that’s been rather immobile for some time and we feel a here that Amazon could be improving a user experience. This isn’t something that affects this new model, some-more of a thoughtfulness on all Kindles. 

Amazon offers a operation of opposite ways to buy calm – we can buy it direct, or we can get entrance to several reading subscriptions. There’s giveaway books accessible with Amazon Prime (if you’re a subscriber) and there’s wider entrance around Kindle Unlimited, that is some-more like carrying entrance to a library. In a latter cases you’re borrowing digital books and radically returning them when you’re finished.

Pocket-lintreview picture 7

Over time you’ll examination a lot from a reduction of source – free, purchased, and even in genuine life. Some of these books will be stored on your Kindle (those we buy and download), some will be logged and returned (from subscriptions sources) – though it’s not always easy to see what you’ve examination when you’re browsing a store.

So it feels like there’s an event to raise a user knowledge around a store. We’d adore to be means to collect adult a Kindle and be means to see where we are in a series, like Jack Reacher for example. All a books have identical names, a plots are fundamentally a same and it’s easy to get lost.

We’d also adore a segue into a genuine universe and be means to record books that you’ve physically examination too. There’s Goodreads formation into a Kindle, though we usually wish one pier of call to keep lane of things. Then that raise of Jack Reacher novels that Aunty Mabel gave we for Christmas can be logged as examination too, so we don’t buy them in digital format again. 


The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is still a best Kindle to choose. It gives we that critical enlightenment over a simple model, though a cost of a Oasis. For many people, this will be a indication to pick.

The rested pattern helps keep a Kindle Paperwhite relocating brazen and a waterproofing will be good for those who like reading in a bath or during a pool.

There are some areas where a user interface could be softened to make shopping and handling your books better, though as distant as a reading knowledge goes, it’s tough to kick a Kindle Paperwhite. This isn’t a lofty device, it’s an understated messenger and while it doesn’t feel like a book or smell like a book, it gives we preference and entrance that’s tough to beat. We still adore it.

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