Ask E. Jean: Do we Have To Be a Bitch To Get a Man To Respect (and Love) Me?


Dear E. Jean: I’m clever and eccentric during work. But in matters of a heart, I’m soothing and sensitive, and since of it, group provide me in ways that are reduction than respectful. So are my girlfriends right? Will no male ever come along who will adore me for my supportive self but holding advantage of me? Must we be a dog in sequence for a male to honour and adore me? —Truly Confused

Miss Truly, My Turnip: Just do a “strong and independent” things to a dudes that we do to a people during work, and a dudes will “respect and love” you.

If we were only “soft and sensitive”? Please. You’d be a sweetest, simplest, soggiest Miss Truly to make an coming in Auntie Eeee’s mainstay this year. A b–ch (the word is so energetic and holy, we brave not write it) is, after all, only a womanlike who has adequate management to make people do what she wants them to do.

P.S. In box you’re not wakeful accurately what is creation we seem so “strong and independent,” during StartX they learn us “charisma.” we exclude to attend a Charisma bureau hours since we am only about as Charismatic as we can stand. But I’ve been regulating a time to observe a poise, stature, etc., of some of a many absolute mortals in Silicon Valley. Here are a Eight Commandments of Authority (Body Language Edition) that leaders seem to follow:

1. Do not hold your face when you’re talking.

2. Do not play with your hair.

3. Do not mount with your toes incited in.

4. Do not open your mouth unless you’re means to finish a finish sentence.

5. Do not grin constantly in agreement.

6. Do not curtsy yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

7. Do not hunch, scrunch, or shrink.

8. Do not forget to moisturize a thick skin we are growing.

Good luck, darling!

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