Ask E. Jean: we Don’t Want to Be His Sugar Momma


Dear E. Jean: I’m a 31-year-old lady with a plain career as an investment banker. I’m dating a handsome, loyal, frank 34-year-old blue-collar musician. He’d do anything to make me happy, though we have a problem being a breadwinner. we like chivalry, tradition, and a male to be a one with a aloft salary. (I don’t know how most he earns, though it is significantly reduction than we do.) So let’s get down to basics: When we go out, who should pay? we don’t ask for much. we conclude a finer things as good as a cut of good pizza.—Don’t Want to Be a Sugar Mama

Sugar, sugar : Huh? we always consider pizza is a finer thing; though let’s not quibble. Miss Don’t, we sympathize, but, darling, come on. If we can’t grok that we should compensate about half a time—not as a phenomenon of power, though since it’s an ineffable fun to provide someone we love—then no matter how tough a bad beast endeavors to “make” we “happy,” we won’t be.

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