Ask E. Jean: I’m Married to a Man, though we Want to Try Having Sex With a Woman


Dear E. Jean: I’m a happily married thirtysomething lady with a unequivocally gratifying sex life. However, we wish to try sex with a woman. Not a specific woman—in fact, improved for it to be totally anonymous, as we don’t wish a attribute or any kind of ongoing “thing.” we only wish to try it out. The problem is: we don’t wish my father involved, as he’d act like a 14-year-old child about it. we adore him and he’s awesome, though we only wish a one-off, private experiment. —How Do we Pull This Off?

Pull Off, My Pimento: I’m perplexing to suppose what my answer would be if you’d asked about wanting to “try sex” with another male who’s not your husband, and we am dismayed to find that we trust it would be accurately a same: we wish for we to knowledge as many pleasures as possible. Indeed, what is life if not one prolonged “private experiment”? Now let’s figure out how to tell your husband.

There are dual kinds of married women: The kind who tells her father everything, and a kind who believes that revelation her father all is unfit and, worse, boring.

If you’re a initial kind, tell him.

But wait. There are dual kinds of married men: The kind who wish their wives to tell them everything, and a kind who think they wish their wives to tell them everything, though unequivocally they wish them to feel giveaway to censor anything too interesting.

If he’s a initial kind of husband—tell him. It could be a disturb of his life. And yours. (And, if a immature lady agrees, we might afterwards talk about needing a vehement guy to join we for an additional romp.)

However, if he’s a second kind of married man, well, well, well—what are we watchful for? Click “woman-looking-for-women” on, Okcupid
.com, or

P.S. There are dual kinds of respondents on dating sites: a kind who do not wish to be treated as “completely anonymous” “one-offs,” and a kind who will make we her “private experiment.”

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