Ask E. Jean: My Boyfriend Is Bad In Bed


Dear E. Jean: Grab a box of Kleenex. This is a unhappy one. My man of 3 years is funny, smart, stable, and bears a distinguished similarity to George Clooney—but he’s a bit of a gimlet in bed. we feel we can’t learn an aged dog new tricks (he’s 37), so given all else is perfect, should we let this slide? My life is in your hands. No pressure. —He’s Vanilla, I’m Rocky Road

Rockey, Honey: Phoo. Just tell a aged geezer what we want. (And if we occur to be wearing a raffish span of boxsies with crème de menthe thigh-high satin boots and start by enumerating, in Kama Sutra-licious detail, what we looove about him, and occupy a small “show and tell” to illustrate what we like, a kid will kill himself to be your prohibited dog.) Ancient corpse of 37 are some-more adept, ardent, and fervent when it comes to training new tricks than 17-year-olds (who are too bustling behaving 37).

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