Ask E. Jean: My Husband Fantasizes About Other Women


Dear E. Jean: I’m a landscape designer, happily married for 8 years. My father is a unequivocally good man, and I’m not a possessive or sceptical woman, trust me. But: He can turn worried usually if he’s meditative of another lady and is means to orgasm usually if he shouts out her name loudly.

I have regularly told him that we don’t like it, though it creates no difference. Worse, a women he fantasizes about are infrequently people we know well. I’m totally into passionate experimentation, though this is ridiculous! Please help. —Sick of It!

My Dear Ms. Sick of It: Ninety-nine percent of group after 8 years of matrimony are fantasizing about other women; a other one percent are dead. But it’s one thing to consider about other women; it’s another to cry out their names while boffing. So tell him, “Shut up, buddy.” Take his cooking napkin. Fold it. Gag him. Have fun!

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