Ask E. Jean: Should we Hold Out for Someone With More Brains?


Dear E. Jean: I’ve met a male of my dreams. He’s impossibly gorgeous, and we have amazing, mind-blowing sex nightly—and customarily daily as well. He’s kind, implicitly upstanding, open-minded, and accepting, but a asocial or cloyed bone in his body. He’s a tough worker, inexhaustible (he paid my lease when we was in a automobile mutilate and couldn’t work), and is always there for my friends and family. On tip of everything, he’s humorous and fun to be with, and we have 0 doubt he’ll be zero brief of an extraordinary father and father. However, there’s one problem: He’s dumb.

He can reason a sincerely intelligent review and reads good books, nonetheless how most he understands is adult for debate. My final beloved was supersmart, and we found him intellectually stimulating, nonetheless he was a distracted asshole with a outrageous ego and a gusto for screwing anything that changed (particularly 18-year-old women, even nonetheless he’s 35!). While my new beloved hurdles me to be a improved person, he doesn’t plea me intellectually a approach my ex did. Should we reason out for someone with some-more brains? —Too Dense to Love

Dense, Dear Moron: Wait. Let Auntie Eeee get this straight: You consider that a guy who’s implicitly upstanding, openminded, accepting, hardworking, funny, generous, uncynical, unjaded, amatory to your friends, fun to be with, and pays your lease when you’re in a automobile collision is… “dumb”? And you’re seeking if we should “hold out” for “more brains”?

No. What we need is a guide, Miss Dense. Here are your 7 Rules for Picking a Smart Boyfriend:

1. A “gorgeous” beloved is improved than an nauseous boyfriend.

2. A “kind” beloved is improved than a “raging asshole.”

3. A beloved who’ll be an “amazing” father is improved than a beloved with a “penchant for screwing” teenagers.

4. A beloved who likes life is improved than a beloved who likes books.

5. A beloved who creates we giggle is improved than a beloved who creates we cry.

6. A beloved with a offset ego is improved than a beloved with a “huge ego.”

7. A beloved who bonks we nightly— and daily—with “mind-blowing” poise is…a genius.

Smarten up, Dense, aged girl. True adore is value all a smarts in a world.

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