Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: Take a showering with Alexa and skating on snow


At any given moment, there are approximately a zillion opposite crowdfunding campaigns function on a web. Take a wander by Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you’ll find no necessity of weird, useless, and downright foolish projects out there — alongside some genuine gems. We’ve cut by a pester spinners and janky iPhone cases to turn adult a many unusual, ambitious, and sparkling new crowdfunding projects out there this week. Keep in mind that any crowdfunding plan — even those with a best intentions — can fail, so do your charge before slicing a check for a tool of your dreams.

November 4

Aqua Dew — Alexa powered showering speaker

We lonesome this one progressing in a week, so here’s a discerning cut from a full article: “The wake-word activated Aqua Dew orator works many like an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. On your command, a showering orator can review a news, conduct your intelligent home, call or summary people, or make announcements in other rooms. The Aqua Dew’s IPX5 waterproof rating means it can withstand mist from H2O jets from any angle, though we can’t douse it. You shouldn’t have a problem with a device in a shower, though don’t dump it in a bathtub.

You can set a Aqua Dew prosaic on a table, though it also comes with a unresolved tag and a suction crater and ascent picture so we can hang it on a wall or loop it around a showering doorway handle.  The Aqua Dew supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. In further to energy on/off, volume up, volume down, and tongue-tied buttons, there’s a WPS symbol for secure Wi-Fi connections. Two holes for a Aqua Dew’s far-field microphone are also on a tip aspect of a device, along with 4 six-color LED light indicators.”

Snowfeet — Snow skates

Here’s DT’s Kraig Becker with a scoop: “At initial glance, Snowfeet demeanour an awful lot like a span of sandals on steroids. Upon closer investigation however, you’ll shortly notice that Snowfeet’s straps demeanour a lot some-more like a ski contracting than anything you’ve ever seen on a flip-flop. Those bindings concede Snowfeet to accommodate any form of shoe or boot, and enhance to accommodate incomparable shoes – including snowboard boots – afterwards agreement down to reason a shoes precisely in place.

Snowfeet also underline a steel ski corner on presumably side of a bottom of a sole. That corner is what allows a wearer to slip along on sleet and ice so smoothly. An integrated heel stop provides a process for negligence down and stopping, that will not usually infer useful in determining a wearer’s speed though also avoiding obstacles, as good as other skiers and snowboarders, on a slopes. And given Snowfeet are distant smaller than any skis on a market, they are many easier to lift around, slipping simply into a trek for easy transport.

By mixing both skating and skiing into a singular activity, Snowfeet guarantee to give wearers a whole new turn of control and performance. According to a Indiegogo page, not usually will users be means to slip down a slopes as if they were skiing, they’ll be means to lift off stunts and tricks that would typically be compared with reckoning skating. This singular set of shoes can also be used for cross-country skiing , providing a good aerobic examination on prosaic trails.”

Raylier — Light-up motorcycle jacket

Here’s a discerning mention from a full essay we published progressing this week: “Motorbike leathers are there to strengthen riders from injury, as good as to keep them gentle while roving in colder climates. But darker leather jackets, that are some of a many renouned available, also have an apparent downside: They make bikers formidable to see in a dark.  This poses a transparent reserve risk for riders, that a new Kickstarter debate wants to assistance lessen. Manufactured by French association Raylier, a ‘first radiant coupler for bikers’ promises to make bikers some-more manifest on a highway — pleasantness of several embedded LED strips. These can be switched on with a elementary press of a symbol on a jacket’s belt.

The aim is revoke a series of fatalities on a road, of that bikers now paint around 18 percent.  ‘More than 60 percent of bikers’ accidents are due to a miss of visibility,’ Baptiste Rosay, one of a co-founders of Raylier, told Digital Trends. ‘Thanks to a jacket, we urge their prominence in sequence to equivocate crashes and save their lives. More than visibility, we urge a communication with a highway users. A warning mode will make a coupler blink and urge prominence in unsure situations. A stop light works autonomously, interjection to an on-board accelerometer. It intensifies a behind lights when negligence down.’”

Loftek journey coupler — Water repellent insulated jacket

Generally speaking, insulated jackets come in dual varieties: those that use normal down, and those that use synthetic. Each character has a possess set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, unchanging down is super lightweight, warm, and compressible — though it doesn’t hoop dampness unequivocally well. Once it gets wet, it loses many of a best properties. Conversely, sythentic down has good H2O repellency, though isn’t utterly as gentle or compressible. It used to be that we had to select between these dual sides, though now, interjection to Utah-based pretender Outdoor Vitals, there’s finally a happy medium. The association has combined a totally new form of insulation that offers a best of both worlds.

“LoftTek™ insulation is a hollow-filament polyester fiber that’s about 2.5 denier, so it’s a unequivocally tiny fiber, that also helps with a thermal efficiency,” owners Tayson Whittaker explains on his website. “It’s indeed been rated. We sent it in to a IDFL (International Down Laboratories for Testing), and they typically exam down. However they tested a LoftTek™ as if it were down, and it was rated as a 525 fill-power by them. Essentially LoftTek™ is rated as a small bit of a reduce peculiarity down, though does that while maintaining all a properties of a synthetic. The fibers have been siliconized so that as it comes in strike with water, a H2O won’t hang to it, though kind of usually drains out.”

Inflatable transport jumpsuit — Air transport onesie

If we spend a lot of time on airplanes, we unequivocally need to give this plan a look. It’s radically a onesie that’s been designed from a belligerent adult to be a many comfortable, available thing we could presumably wear on a flight. Despite a fact that it looks comparatively normal from a outside, it’s positively pressed with crafty facilities and pattern elements that make it an ideal mantle for both a airfield and a plane. Here’s a discerning outline of what’s underneath a hood — both literally and figuratively:

In further to a nifty pull-down “snooze cap” that helps we defense your eyes when a time for a nap, a jumpsuit’s hood can also be zipped sealed completely, or even arrogant when we need a pillow. There’s also an inflatable neck sham built into a collar. Lower down, a onesie is versed with a innumerable of opposite pockets — dual of that are designed to be detachable, so we can usually rip them out and chuck them in a TSA cylinder when we go by security. And that’s usually a beginning. There’s also an integrated headphone government loop, a set of earplugs, and even a “rear exit solution” zipper for when inlet calls. They severely suspicion of everything!

October 28

Footloose — Automatic spawn box

We lonesome this one progressing in a week, so here’s a cut from a full article: “Footloose is a spawn box that promises to be a many cutting-edge proceed probable for your pool to take a dump. After regulating this sci-fi-style spawn tray, your dear Mr. Bigglesworth won’t be means to so many demeanour during your neighbor’s grass though branch a nose adult in disgust.

‘Footloose is a initial intelligent cat potty that cleans itself automatically, and also monitors a wellness of felines,’ Byron Fan, owners of Footloose manufacturer Petato, told Digital Trends. ‘The patent-pending self-cleaning resource is a nifty and fit proceed to dispose of cat waste. The tech can heed spawn from cats, commend mixed cats, and detect any fit such that tellurian involvement is reduced to a minimum. These facilities are probable interjection to onboard computing cores embedded with a dimensionality-reduction algorithm that fuses information from a dozen sensors. Footloose is also a initial spawn box integrated with a active deodorizing unit. The outcome is a box that requires small owners maintenance, though delivers information including a cat’s physique weight, rubbish volume, toilet frequency, and duration.’”

Mui — wooden intelligent panel

Once again, we lonesome this jigger a few days back. Here’s a dip from a prior post: “Are we so enthralled in record that we prolonged for a hold of inlet in your home? You could get some potted plants — or we could deposit in Mui, a timber row that is also an internet-connected intelligent display. ‘Mui lets we adjust a lighting and heat of your home, check news and weather, play music, send and accept voice and text, and is programmable by developers to do even more,’ Mui Labs pronounced in a press release. ‘When in nap mode, Mui regains a strange healthy look, in a curtsy to ease pattern principles.’

A Mui Kickstarter debate is now live, with a thought of lifting $100,000 to account growth of a device by Dec 7.  Available in presumably sycamore (light) or cherry (dark), Mui looks like a slim and stylish timber row until we appropriate a touch-sensitive surface, that afterwards glows to arrangement information such as time, date and temperature. Out of a box, we can use it as an alarm clock, timer, voicemail reader, and summary display.”

TourBox — controller for print editing

Photo and video modifying program has come a prolonged proceed in a decade or so. The things we do in Photoshop these days is zero brief of implausible — though unfortunately, notwithstanding how modernized this things has become, it’s still a bit of a duty to work with. Why? Because in sequence to change what you’re doing with your mouse, we typically have to navigate by menus, pierce sliders, uncheck boxes, and generally usually rubbish time switching between tasks. It usually takes a few seconds, though over a march of a multi-hour edit, those seconds unequivocally start to supplement up. Thankfully, TourBox is here to repair that problem.

“TourBox is a many modernized artistic controller for Photoshop, Lightroom, SAI, and other picture estimate software,” a creators explain on Kickstarter. “It is privately designed for photographers and designers who wish to urge their work potency and knowledge a new state-of-the-art process for modifying content.   It frees users from unconstrained repeated tasks such as drawing, modifying and retouching regulating a new, discerning proceed that is ergonomic and natural. Customize your creativity, facilitate inputs, and optimize your work. TourBox is a entirely customizable device, users can allot opposite functions for Photoshop, Lightroom, or SAI. And we can also adjust TourBox to fit any software. Personalize your TourBox to best adjust to your possess personal workflow.”

The Every Day Calendar — Habit-forming calendar

We ran a story about this one progressing in a week, so here’s a discerning mention from a full post: “As with a lot of a projects that constraint a public’s imagination on Kickstarter, a Every Day Calendar has a elementary premise. It’s radically a large printed circuit house that uses capacitive hold and LEDs to light adult a particular days as we grasp your goal. For instance, if your thought is to go for a lope any day or eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables any day, we daub a date as we finish a charge and irradiate that territory of a calendar. The thought is that this kind of visible prerogative complement will make we some-more expected to hang to your goal, quite as a year goes on and we don’t wish to hurt your winning streak.

‘Hang a Every Day Calendar in your home, office, workshop, cavern, laboratory, castle, stable or boat,’ Giertz writes on a Kickstarter page. ‘Just make certain that it’s someplace where we see it any day. The Every Day Calendar is 0 percent internet connected, so no apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mechanism programs are indispensable to set it up. Just block it into a wall and you’re prepared to go.’

The Crunch Cup — unstable cereal vessel

If you’re during home, cereal is arguably one of a simplest breakfasts we can ready in a morning. You usually dump some in a bowl, dash some divert on it, and voila — time to grub. However, if you’re on a go, cereal unexpected becomes a many untimely breakfast we could presumably eat. In further to all a sloshing around and unavoidable spillage, we also have to use both hands in sequence to get a food into your mouth. Wouldn’t it be good if there was a improved proceed to eat your Lucky Charms on a go? Well, interjection to an forward startup from Los Angeles, we competence shortly have one.

“We couldn’t trust there wasn’t a viable choice to eat your cereal on-the-go, so we done one, and it’s awesome.” a creators explain on their Kickstarter debate page. “It’s called **drumroll** The CrunchCup.  The Crunch Company (that’s us). Set out to emanate a unstable cereal crater that does not disaster around. We don’t play that slimy cereal nonsense. Which is because it’s a dual crater system; one for a cereal and a other for a milk. The cereal and divert don’t accommodate until they strike your mouth.”


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