Bain & co beats rivals to turn best place to work in 2019


Boston headquartered tellurian government consultancy firm, Bain Company, has been ranked best association to work as per Glassdoor’s 2019 list.

The organization has done to a list eleventh time in a row.

“It is heartening to have Bain Company ranked during a tip of a Glassdoor Best Places to Work list again this year. It reaffirms a clever faith in a workplace sourroundings that is gainful to formulating holistic, well-rounded career growth opportunities for all a employees. To be means to yield this while delivering high impact-relevant solutions to a clients, is indeed an outcome we take honour in,” pronounced Karan Singh, handling partner, Bain Co India.

Bain along with McKinsey Co, Boston Consulting Group and AT Kearney are one of a tip 4 white shoe consulting firms. The firms have been managed to boost their tip line in India and have also been means to attract some of a best talent in India as well, contend attention trackers.

In a final few years a white shoe consulting firms have also had some foe from their non-traditional rivals in India including a large four—Deloitte, PwC, EY and KPMG contend insiders.

Bain and a other 3 white shoe consultants advise clients on strategy, operations, information technology, organisation, private equity, digital mutation and plan and mergers and acquisition. The organization aligns a incentives with clients by joining a fees to their results.

Manny Maceda, Bain Company’s Worldwide, handling partner said, “This approval is quite suggestive since a feedback comes directly from employees. It is a covenant to Bain’s culture, that delivers high impact for a clients while also formulating a rarely understanding sourroundings for employees to learn, grow and flower in their careers.”


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