Bianca Saunders Men’s Fall 2019


Bianca Saunders is adhering to her comfort section and aptly combined her collection around a thought of “feeling gentle in your possess space,” as she focuses on flourishing her business. “I don’t wish to pull things too distant where it becomes theatrical. we still wish my garments to be means to fit in a wardrobe,” she pronounced of her neutral tone palette.

She managed to make this black-and-white collection fresh and sharp-witted and showcased her poise during utilizing classical pieces. Laddered knits tied a collection together, holding their form in ankle-length and knee-high socks, fibre vests and even a midi dress.

Two looks stood out in a sea of black clothing: A button-down brownish-red shirt with wide-legged leather trousers, and a white-cotton-sweatshirt-and-track-pants combo. This riffed on a collection’s scrutiny of comfort, and a indication certain looked during assent as he lounged behind on his chair.

Eleswhere, Saunders played with ruching. This was seen on a span of cropped trousers, a glossy black shirt and on a tip and shorts plaid set that resembled pajamas. The engineer pronounced she’ll swell solemnly to adding color, and is happy holding her time.


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