Burberry Men’s and Women’s Autumn/Winter 2019 Pre-Collection


Riccardo Tisci has only begun to make his symbol on Burberry, so it’s no warn that he’s roving a trail set out in September, doing women’s and men’s wardrobe for churned generations and moments in a day.

Burberry’s arch artistic officer pronounced he wanted this collection to be a delay of a story he began revelation progressing this year. “I’m focusing on substantiating a codes by repository prints, residence colors and iconic outerwear, while cementing a new themes we set out final season.”

Tisci built on his dear animal motifs: Gorilla faces stared out from T-shirts while unicorns galloped over a padded, silk shawl. A leopard collar twisted around a neck of a Dalmatian imitation automobile cloak while leather check straps, a curtsy to a aged Burberry knight-on-horseback logo, ornate trenches and fit jackets. A mistake patchwork shearling cloak bent to a house’s new anti-fur policy.

The new TB monogram, that Tisci denounced progressing this year, was out in force, remade into dim immature deception for a hoodie, shorts and a cape, and in a some-more ethereal iterations on scarves, satin skirts and silk blouses. The intertwined TB popped as a large trademark on a punchy orange puffer vest, while a murky TB design done a approach opposite men’ shirts and suits.

Following from a runway, Tisci churned adult tough and soft, travel and tailoring and toyed with proportions, too. Standouts enclosed a soft-edged ditch done from sweatshirt gray jersey, another some-more structured one with a long, detachable puffer collar and another still that was as liquid as a silk nightgown.

The knitwear was terrific, generally a argyle sweater with a slashed sleeves — that’s Tisci display his punk colors — and a knits with a stripes opposite a front, their red-and-white stripes plucked from a Burberry check pattern.


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