Cadbury Freddo chocolate advertisements criminialized for targeting children


Cadbury advertisements compelling a brand’s Freddo chocolate bar have been criminialized for targeting children, a Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled.

An review was launched by a promotion regulator after a Freddo print was speckled within 100m of a primary school.

The ASA also perceived complaints about dual YouTube videos featuring a manlike character, in further to a downloadable comic and audiobook featuring a frog on a Freddo website.

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The complainants argued that a advertisements for a product, that contains 10g of sugarine and 0.04g of salt per 18g bar, were being inappropriately destined during children.

Current regulations summarized by a ASA state that products that are high in fat, salt and sugarine (HFSS) can't be targeted during children. 

The discipline also clarify that no middle can be used to publicize HFSS products if during slightest a entertain of a assembly is underneath a age of 16.

According to Mondelez, a association that owns Cadbury, a Freddo announcement was incorrectly placed within 100m of a primary propagandize by JCDecaux, a outside promotion association that combined a posters, and immediately changed once Mondelez became wakeful of a location.

The ASA ruled that a chain of a print nearby a propagandize breached a guidelines, as a vicinity to a educational establishment meant that a assembly was “significantly lopsided towards under-16s”.

The promotion watchdog also found that while a infancy of a visitors on a Freddo website would expected be adults, a calm on the website was designed privately with children in mind.

With regards to a dual YouTube videos that were investigated, a ASA settled that it was not probable to establish what ratio of a assembly was underneath a age of 18, and so a advertisements did not crack a promotion code.​

Mondelez has voiced a beating in a ASA ruling, a organisation tells The Independent.

“We have a long-standing joining to not marketplace directly to anybody underneath a age of 16 and on amicable media platforms we go above and over a CAP formula – we usually ever aim a promotion to those over 18,” Mondelez states.

“We actively work with a partners to safeguard a promotion messages are shown in a context that is suitable for a brands.”

Mondelez also says that it will be holding a “insights and views supposing by a ASA” into comment for destiny content.


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