DJI’s Ronin-S only got some-more able with slew of new accessories


DJI’s initial DSLR and mirrorless gimbal that doesn’t need twin hands usually got some-more flexible. On Wednesday, Nov 21, DJI launched nine new accessories for a Ronin-S gimbal. The new hardware includes accessories from a concentration engine for primer lenses to an outmost GPS for extended stabilization in fast-moving shoots.

The Focus Motor allows a Ronin-S Focus Wheel to work with primer concentration lenses. The appendage uses a Rod Mount Set and Focus Gear Strip to control a accumulation of opposite distance lenses. DJI says a Focus Motor allows for “seamless and accurate control” with a .02 degrees of accuracy.

For videographers that wish to use a Ronin S but a smartphone, a Command Unit attaches to a side of a gimbal. The tiny shade allows for discerning entrance to settings like engine parameters and operation modes, DJI says.

While a Ronin S is designed for single-hand shooting, a new concept mountain allows a stabilizer to be used with cables, jibs, and cam systems, as good as ascent a stabilizer to a car. The mountain also powers a gimbal regulating twin ports and a twin battery mountain (sold separately).

The new mountain isn’t a usually appendage that can offer a longer battery life — a new Ronin-S BG37 Grip uses a built-in battery that’s rated for adult to 12 hours of use. The reason uses a 2400mAh battery.

DJI says that a new External GPS Module will urge a gimbal’s fortitude for sharpened scenarios with discerning acceleration or deceleration. The GPS vigilance is used for some-more fortitude with sudden movement, a association says, and also helps keep a setting position.

Additional accessories launched currently enhance a opposite ascent options regulating a gimbal. A new extended lens support is designed to reason lenses longer than a support enclosed with a gimbal, with an tractable length. The Top HotShoe Bracket will mountain a DSLR from a hotshoe joint — DJI says this setup is ideal when sharpened quick scenes like automobile chases.

The DJI Ronin-S is remarkable for a larger weight capacity, ergonomics, and built-in follow concentration — a latest accessories helps enhance those facilities (keeping in mind a weight extent when adding any accessory). The accessories launched currently and are accessible during, DJI Flagship Stores, and certified dealers. Prices start during $20 and pierce adult to $179.


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