E.L.F.’s Influencer-Designed Modern Metals Collection Is All Under $12


Let’s be real—Instagram is fun and all, though being a full-time grid screw is tough work, and we can’t accurately vital in influencing.

Enter E.L.F.’s BeautyScape in New Orleans progressing this year, that was fundamentally like influencer propagandize for a nation’s tip beauty gurus. The eventuality went down in Mar and offering attendees panels, workshops, product testing, and a foe where micro influencers competed to design—drum roll, please—their really possess collection with E.L.F. Cosmetics!

The BeautyScape 2018 winners are Leslie Alvarado, Yuri Antillon, Kathlyn Celeste, Irsah Javed, and Mia Randria, and their code new collection debuts today, Sept. 26. World, accommodate a Modern Metals collection.

The full collection was desirous by BeautyScape’s birthplace—the streets of New Orleans—and includes an eyeshadow palette, a glow and highlighter palette, glass matte lipstick, and mouth gloss. And put your credit label divided since it’s all underneath $12.

It’s a nightfall for your face as distant as we see it, and $12 for a vegan, cruelty-free eyeshadow palette is a cheapest disturb around.


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