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Halima Aden, a initial hijabi indication to moment fashion’s large leagues, is during a forefront of a new concentration on representation. “If we can inspire girls to stay loyal to themselves, afterwards I’ve finished a good job,” she says. Here, a 21-year-old showcases usually how sparkling medium sauce can be.


Printed dress, $2,490, polyamide top, $3,400, pantashoes, $1,190, all, Balenciaga. Knotted scarf, Echo. Printed scarf, Hermès.


A Conversation Between Halima Aden and MuslimGirl Editor-in-Chief Amani Al-Khatahtbeh


Silk dress, Petar Perov, $1,160. Silk skirt, Versace, $1,280. Pleated jumpsuit (worn underneath), Pleats Please Issey Miyake, $855. Head scarf, Haute Hijab, $20. Snake- imitation leather boots, Kalda, $600.

Do we ever feel a vigour of being a initial hijabi to do this or that?

Halima Aden: Well, girl, when we put it like that…. [Laughs] Yes, it felt like a lot of vigour during certain points. But now I’m finally during a place where I’m observant my work as a career, versus, “Wow, this kind of fell into my lap—what do we do?” I’m not observant everything’s guaranteed, though I’m holding it some-more seriously. we don’t pronounce for each Muslim girl—I can usually pronounce for myself—but we wish to be a good purpose model. If we can inspire girls to stay loyal to themselves and not be frightened to try something new, afterwards I’ve finished a good job.

There is now a Muslim [travel] anathema in America, with Somalia [being] one of a countries listed. Is your height some-more critical in light of this?

I wish my career to be conform with activism—the dual together. we usually got behind from Kakuma interloper stay [in Kenya] with UNICEF. That was life-changing, to go behind to a stay we was innate in. As a Somali, we can contend firsthand what it means to be a interloper and also an American. Representation is so important, generally for small girls. Every child should see themselves represented [in a media]. Girls who are entrance of age and who don’t see someone that looks like them—it can be unequivocally difficult.

Your celebrity has skyrocketed in together with a recognition of medium fashion. Do we consider a trend has staying power?

Modest conform is booming. It’s not for one race, ethnicity, or religion. It’s a tellurian thing.


Embroidered-fishnet bustier gown, tulle petticoat, $3,100, both, Dior. Bodysuit, Wolford, $250. Knotted scarf, Echo. Head scarf, Haute Hijab, $20.
Printed–silk twill dress, Gucci, $7,200. Stretch plaid top, pants, both, Rachel Comey. Twisted conduct scarf, Goyard. Purple conduct scarf, Haute Hijab, $20. Faux-leather boots, Guess, $169.

This essay creatively seemed in a Sep 2018 emanate of ELLE.



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