Fashion East Men’s Fall 2019


A far-reaching spectrum of references and aesthetics came together on a Fashion East catwalk, from Robyn Lynch’s deconstructed sportswear, to Mowalola Ogunlesi’s overexposed Nineties ensembles and Stefan Cooke’s play with hardness and digital printing.

Cooke, who showed his final collection with Fashion East and will be environment out on his possess as of subsequent season, was a standout of a rising engineer showcase.

He offering his possess subverted take on tailoring, slicing structured check coats during a sleeves or on a sides and adding hardness and transformation on garments, with fringing, chainmail and cutout silken leather pants.

Elsewhere he copied a outcome of textured embellishments with his signature “ghost printing” technique, formulating two-dimensional prints featuring edging or border motifs on peacoats and trousers.

Irish-born Lynch took a some-more infrequent turn, looking to her father’s character and that of players’ during Ireland’s gaming festivals for inspiration. She reworked their retro, sporty looks into monochrome ensembles of relating nylon tracksuits or high-waisted jeans interconnected with ample sweaters and knits.

The many engaging pieces enclosed a operation of sweaters that featured some-more grave knitted fabrics patched together with sporty fleece or nylon.

Ogunlesi’s operation was distant reduction parental approved. The Nigerian-born Central Saint Martins connoisseur was meddlesome in bringing a suggestion of Nineties bar enlightenment behind and exploring topics such as overexposure, sensuality and “liberated self-expression” for her catwalk debut, that was filled with hardly there leather skirts, pants so low-waisted they had models’ thongs in full bearing — and brought McQueen’s bumsters behind to mind — and minidresses with vast cutouts all over a front.

She took a same proceed with a men’s offer that enclosed spare vinyl pants and body-hugging, cutout tops.

“I wish people to suffer themselves in these clothes, wherever they are, whoever they are with. we wish to get mislaid in a pleasure of pleasure,” pronounced a up-and-coming designer, adding that this hypersexualized suggestion is “absolutely necessary” today. It’s tough to suppose many modern-day women or group who would wish to go behind to a annoy of wearing skintight bumsters and would confederate these garments into their lives.


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