Forte Forte RTW Pre-Fall 2019


An talented Sep weekend in a Southern French Camargue segment desirous a Forte_Forte collection.

The loose atmosphere of a pleasing healthy sourroundings and a colors burnt by a object during a prohibited summer deteriorate echoed in a pleasing lineup, that was centered on an thought of free elegance.

The brand’s singular approach, traditionally secure in a free-spirited mood, resulted in liquid silhouettes prominent by a levity and density of a high-end fabrics.

Featherweight, deconstructed suits were rendered in string and linen blends, while ethereal hang dresses, layered underneath plush knits, were finished with ethereal velvet details. Corduroy gave a textured interest to dress coats and kimono-inspired bombers enriched with changed jacquard inserts.

Polka dots peppered silk blouses with soothing bows during a collar, while maxi flowers introduced striking attract in a tunic dresses cinched during a waist with sashes highlighting a collection’s intriguing bohemian and winding flare.


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