Gigi Hadid and The Weeknd Had a Moment during a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party


Here’s something that has never happened before publicly given The Weeknd and Bella Hadid got behind together this summer: The Weeknd unresolved out with her comparison sister Gigi Hadid. The dual were photographed tonight happily chilling during a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after party. It was before Bella was photographed in her demeanour on a red carpet.

Gigi wore a neat white jumpsuit with a choker neck. The Weeknd, meanwhile, kept it some-more infrequent in a black coupler and top.

This spin of events is conspicuous deliberation only final March, Gigi visibly griped Bella’s palm to support her when The Weeknd was behaving during a HM conform uncover they were both walking. Then, he was Bella’s ex and dating Selena Gomez. And Gigi was only being protective:


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