Hailey Baldwin on Her PrettyLittleThing Campaign and Whether She’d Design Her Own Clothing Line


Hailey Baldwin has strictly partnered with PrettyLittleThing to be a newest ambassador—and a star of a holiday debate (the one Baldwin’s father Justin Bieber called “so hot” on her Instagram). In a images, Baldwin models glitzy, dresses, jumpsuits, blazers, and more. And all a pieces are Hailey Baldwin-approved for any holiday party, naturally. “[It’s] unequivocally celebration ready,” she told ELLE.com of a line. “I unequivocally consider these are some good voluptuous pieces to wear for New Year’s Eve.”

Baldwin discussed a debate with ELLE.com, her favorite forms of pieces, and if there’s any law to a rumors that she’s conceptualizing her possess line, given reports pennyless final month that she filed to register her lass and married names along a name HRB3 for a purpose of a wardrobe line.

What vehement Baldwin quite about PrettyLittleThing is a distance inclusivity. All of a lead pieces run adult to a distance 22. “I unequivocally adore where Pretty Little Thing stands in regards to their sizing,” Baldwin said. “I wish some-more brands plainly embraced all sizes. All women merit to feel assured and sexy.”

“All women merit to feel assured and sexy.”

When Baldwin herself is perplexing to impress, she gravitates toward oversized men’s pieces, as seen in her travel style. “I adore an oversized men’s blazer,” she said. “There is something so lenient about wearing an oversized men’s piece. Especially when I’m perplexing to be a boss.”

As for what her possess conform line would demeanour like—and how shortly it’s coming? That’s a large TBD, Baldwin done clear. “I have so many ideas, and I’m unequivocally into trends and am flattering in balance with what people my age are wearing and like to wear,” she said. “Right now I’m carrying a good time wearing other peoples’ designs. There are so many immature gifted designers out there, though who knows? Maybe one day in a future.”

Shop some-more of Hailey Baldwin x PrettyLittleThing below:


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