Hare RTW Spring 2019


Name: Hare

Main message: A sheer white runway got pops of splendid greens, yellows and blues as Hare’s models walked in sporty filigree dresses, straight-leg pants, ankle-length skirts and bomber jackets. The silhouettes were informed though a brand, designed by a team, has a vast digital following, proof a blurb appeal. A head-to-toe shibori tie-dye demeanour on denim and chambray, and a satin jumpsuit in a streaked paint imitation stood out, while sum such as fanny packs and vast load pockets hinted during a Nineties theme.

The result: While a pieces themselves were not quite exciting, a styling and accessories helped to rouse them slightly, and a splendid colors resisting with black and white felt fresh.


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