Here’s How One ELLE Editor Gets Dressed For Work, Including a Full-On Ball Gown



I Have Nothing to Wear is a monthly array seeking ELLE staffers and attention influencers to obsessively record what they wore for a full 7 days. From a rejected to a which-shirt-goes-better? moments, it’s a finish image of how we consider about removing dressed.


My closet is mostly full of… denim, printed dresses and skirts, and a flattering strong territory of blazers.

I wish to be buried in… a floor-length dress, sharp-shoulder blazer, attract jewelry, and no shoes.



Mood: “Corporate Exec on a British Crime Drama”

I invert from a suburbs, so we always have to consider about what boots we wear.

It was not snowy on Monday, though NJ Transit was unequivocally assertive with a salting, so a travel from my automobile to a hire was a minefield. we venerate these Sorel boots, though given we had some meetings, when we got to work we substituted into a span of boots we keep underneath my desk. As a reformed under-desk-shoe-hoarder, we try to customarily leave styles that are too ethereal to invert in (like super soft, dark pinkish ballet slippers and my Celine heels) or seasonly aren’t adult for it (Chanel slingbacks that work in this continue if I’m inside, not outside). When we left a house, we wasn’t certain that shoe I’d lift on, though we knew one of them would work. we customarily finish adult putting a span on and totally forgetful about it until we eventually ramble down to a ladies’ room and a full-length mirror.

I bought this sweater with moments like this in mind.

After obsessing over a simple, skinny crewneck camel sweater, we finally found one during Banana Republic. It’s insanely versatile, and it’s what we grabbed on Monday when we indispensable something simple though elegant. If we confirm on bottoms first—like here, where a leather gave me a mangle from denim—the tip purpose can be harder to cast. Having a go-to creates removing dressed speedy.

Jewelry’s a final step to creation an outfit feel special.

I mostly stagger between a same pieces, though this Lulu Frost necklace is some-more of a matter object (that we always get compliments on).



Mood: “Brooklyn Mom Who’s From Texas Originally”

This is an instance of silhouette-first dressing.

I adore a good full skirt, though it requires something we can tuck in so we don’t demeanour rectangular. we bought this short-sleeve weave secondhand with a accurate suspicion of wearing it with something like this; it’s roughly cropped, so it fits right into a skirt.

The rather contrary coupler is given we was wearied of my unchanging camel one.

An outfit with and though a blazer can feel so different; it’s a ideal finishing touch. we classify my closet by staples, so when we was staring during a blazer territory this morning we felt so wearied by a camel one that always goes with everything. I’m still uncertain if a red, white, and blue unequivocally work with a maroon skirt, though it didn’t roar “no” during me. we was also during a indicate where we need to get out a doorway or risk blank your train, so we had to go with it.

These are now table boots, though they’ll transition to home boots.

These are a new, secondhand squeeze to assistance when it’s too cold for ankles or calves though we only can’t with black tights. (I’m intending on wearing these with midi hemlines during transitory continue times.) They’re gentle adequate to wear to and from, though I’ve motionless to leave them during work to equivocate salt stains.



Mood: “Countess with a House in a South of France”

My New Year’s fortitude was to wear some-more gowns.

And I’m doing it! we adore a shape, a drama, a romance, and a astonishing inlet of it. It sounds absurd to say/type, though what’s a disproportion between a “gown” and a “maxi dress” anyway? It’s a good styling penetrate too given on cold days like this one, they’re easy to wear prolonged underwear with (s/o Uniqlo Heattech!). To both stay comfortable and feel reduction fancy, we layered a skinny black turtleneck underneath.

A prolonged hemline requires formulation in advance.

I switched into a ballet flats we always keep during my table when we got to work, though for a commute, we used my reliable Sorel crowd boots. we didn’t adore a line of it given a tallness pulled a hemline adult from a ground, but that was a point. Long dresses are mud magnets, so it was critical that we wasn’t fundamentally unconditional my sight station, a transport car, and everywhere in between with my dress gown.



Mood: “Disney Sitcom Character: ‘Older Sister in College'”

This outfit started with a dress and went from there.

Our marketplace editor, Justine Carreon, put this dress in a selling story, and when we saw it in chairman in my internal HM, we motionless we indispensable to have it. There was an critical lunch eventuality on my report for a day, so we wanted to demeanour discriminating though still like a repository staffer. Somehow, adding stripes to leopard felt like a right approach to make that happen. we suspicion a tighter fit of a nap navy-and-white sweater would demeanour a best though attempted my boxy Breton tee on too. we was right from a beginning.

Those boots are earning their keep.

Again with responding a difficult hemline and still-not-super-warm forecast. I’d substantially like this outfit some-more in a month’s time when we could wear it with prosaic leather sandals, though I’m not a kind of chairman who sacrifices comfort for an outfit.



Mood: “Rich Hiker”

Upgrading a basis is a best we can wish for on a Work From Home day.

I trust in a suspicion that what we wear creates we feel better, so customarily by mid-afternoon we can remonstrate myself to change from pajamas into tangible clothes. My mindset is often, “What do we wish to wear that we won’t be wasting?” None of my colleagues will see it, so we don’t wish to wear something great. Skinny jeans and a friendly sweater are fundamentally a same things as yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

Accessories unequivocally matter if your coat’s always on.

Since my cloak stays on when I’m during a grocery store or using errands, there’s unequivocally small block footage to unequivocally uncover your personality. Because of that, we always try to remember to put on necklaces or earrings on days out of a office. You competence not see what shirt I’m wearing, though we will see that we have cold jewelry.



Mood: “On a Board of a Local Food Co-Op”

I am unequivocally vital about my down coats.

This year we invested in a “nice” down cloak that I’ll wear to work (and a pilates studio), though we will never give adult my dog-walking down coat. There’s a slight with it: Treats go in one pocket, cosmetic rabble we collect adult while walking go in a other, and it’s gotten kick adult adequate that there’s zero stressful about a dog jumping adult with unwashed feet.

You can’t see my socks, though we suspicion about them.

I had a baby showering that afternoon during a residence where we typically leave boots during a door. This creates me so concerned with outfit formulation that I’ll pre-warn friends if we’re going somewhere as such so they know to be courteous about their hosiery (or non socks!). we wanted a shoe that would distribute for a aloft sock so we wouldn’t be stranded walking around a residence in small no-show socks.



Mood: “Kate Middleton’s Friend from Uni”

Dress for a life we wish to lead.

I changed to a suburbs for a reason, including trodding around in my yard with animals and roving horses. The unsentimental elements of this can’t be suspicion about too most (you need boots!), though we do adore some good layering for this weather. we skipped a thick coupler in preference of thinner pieces we could flay off.

This coupler was my holiday present from my husband.

Per my ask given it was a square we knew my habit was lacking. I’m not into a demeanour of a correct raincoat, though we wanted something that would be good for drizzle. we also wanted something that felt classical and, honestly, unequivocally “country aristocrat” so we could wear it with examination garments though also jeans to dinner.

Shop a “Country Aristocrat” character below:


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