How to Build a Better Snow Fort


EACH WINTER, shoddily built sleet forts fall around their architects immature and old, withdrawal shelter-seekers cold, soppy and yearning for a correct holiday hideout. So Jeff Benton, comparison instructor during a Colorado Mountain Club, recommends hollowing out sleet piles to make stout “quinzhee” huts we could spend all winter in, outfitting them with icy DIY furniture. Whether you’re looking for short-term housing or only wish to waken your kid’s fort, these stairs will pledge cold comfort.

Step 1: Select a site.

Pick a mark with copiousness of sleet and copiousness of space. If you’re in a clearing and you’re not certain what’s underneath a snow, Mr. Benton suggested regulating a Ortovox ALU 240 sleet examine ($40, to check for buried logs or rocks.

Step 2: Pile your snow.

Determine a distance of your installation and accumulate and container your sleet pile into a small, dull hill. (Aim for 6 to 8 feet high.)

Step 3: Do nothing.

Let a sleet settle for during slightest an hour—better yet, leave it overnight, pronounced Mr. Benton. Then splash cocoa and watch “Home Alone.” You’ve warranted it.

Step 4: Set a wall depth.

Once a sleet is solid, poke a few-dozen dwindle stakes (100 for $11.50, into a side of your mound, all around, like a pin cushion, to tract a wall width. Mr. Benton endorsed walls between 18 and 24 inches thick.

Step 5: Dig!

Make certain a opening is large adequate for a stoutest among you. Then smoothly vale a inside with a shovel. When we strike a pointy finish of a stakes, stop digging. But leave additional sleet where we wish beds, chairs or shelves.

Step 6: ‘Decorate.’

Using a sleet saw ($55, carve prosaic platforms for beds. Mr. Benton remarkable that a building of a installation will be coldest, so removing off a ground—even onto a aspect done of snow—will be most some-more comfortable.

Step 7: Weatherproof a entrance.

Close it off with a cosmetic tarp to keep in a warmth.

Step 8: Add ventilation.

To yield airflow, use a sleet examine to poke 4 to 8 holes in a roof, any between a half-inch and an in. wide.

Step 9: Move a kids in.

Finally a small assent and quiet.


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