How to change your residence on voter ID label online


The countdown has already begun for a arriving Lok Sabha elections. Election Commission now allows adults of a nation to do several tasks online, this includes changing their chateau on voter ID label online.

This means that if we have altered your chateau or changed to a new city, afterwards we can opt to change a chateau on your voter ID label online. This can be finished by stuffing adult a ‘Form 6’ online on a National Voter’s Service portal website– The same routine can be followed for removing a voter ID label for a initial time. Here is a how to request online for registration of a new voter or get your name enclosed in a electoral hurl for a nearest constituency.

Note: Remember we can reason usually have one voter ID label with one sold chateau in a constituency. It’s bootleg and punishable corruption for a citizen of India to enrol from dual places.


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