How To Match Your Perfume To Your Mood


Scent is a absolute thing. The incense of apple cake can take we right behind to your grandparents’ residence on a Sunday, while a aroma of creatively belligerent coffee can have we bounding out of bed, prepared to welcome a day.

The science

But what is it about smell that affects us on such an romantic level? Perfumer Roja Dove says it’s all down to hormones.

“Scent essentially alters how we feel. Smell is not processed in a nose, it’s processed in a many obsolete partial of a brain. When we smell any odor, a synapses in a mind are stimulated, altering a hormone change in a body.”

Below, 9 influencers share their romantic tie to scent:

In fact, a clarity of smell is some-more powerful, and some-more closely interlinked with a romantic response, than any other.

When we see, touch, hear or ambience something, that information is sent to a tiny structure in a mind called a thalamus, where it’s processed before it travels to tools of a mind compared with memory and emotion.

However, smells bypass a thalamus and are sent directly to these tools of a brain, producing a many some-more heated psychological reaction.

If you’re deliberation giving your redolence collection an update, here’s how to strike a right note:

If you’re feeling passionate

Romance on a cards? Opt for a floral scent. The organisation of roses and adore is formed on some-more than only a chicky crack cliché: phenylethylamine, a chemical that gives a flower a signature scent, slows down a relapse of beta-endorphins, that retard a prodigy of pain. Ever listened someone collate being in adore to a feeling of walking on air? You can appreciate a roses for that.


Why not try Louis Vuitton’s Attrape-rêves, that layers peonies and patchouli with uninformed records of lychee?

Or if girly florals aren’t your thing, fragrances containing comfortable and comforting records of cacao or leather feel voluptuous and seductive. Louis Vuitton’s Dans La Peau (literally, ‘in a skin’) is heated and alluring, while Turbulences mirrors a distilled doubt of adore – creation it a ideal date perfume.

If you’re feeling energized

For an romantic boost, Emmanuelle Moeglin, owner of Experiential Perfume Club, advises looking out for citrusy and savoury tip notes, that will leave we feeling invigorated. ‘These are mixture that are really uninformed and evident to a nose… a feeling ‘wake-up’ effect,’ says Moeglin.

Dove agrees: “Citrus records have been used for centuries to revive, uplift, inject life, and boost vitality. Think about a outcome of someone bark an orange in a bleak sight carriage – it now recharges a stale, low air.”


Opt for a lovely smell with mandarin or lemon, both of that are famous for their clarifying properties and will assistance to boost your capability like Le Jour Se Lève. Or if we cite something some-more earthy, demeanour for a redolence with records of cedar or sharp peppers like Louis Vuitton’s Rose de Vents or Apogée.

If you’re feeling indulgent

If you’ve been using during 100 miles per hour, breeze down with comfortable bottom records such as oriental amber. For something somewhat some-more androgynous, indulgently low scents like sandalwood, used traditionally in aromatherapy to satisfy a ease and pondering state, will assistance we to relax with only a singular spritz.


Louis Vuitton’s Matière Noire pairs floral mutation with a deep, woody power while Mille Feux combines low leather and sour hiss with a hold of saffron.

If we preference a some-more classical perfume, try fresh, vanilla-based fragrances like Contre Moi. The ideal incense for those days we feel like curling adult underneath a blanket, a feverishness of your skin amplifies this perfume’s pointed muskiness, with Tahitensis vanilla sourced by Louis Vuitton’s Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, who spent months travelling a 5 continents in hunt of a best tender materials for his fragrances.

Plus, vanilla has been found to be a many zodiacally enjoyed scent, ensuring you’re a relaxing appetite wherever we go.

Found a ideal redolence to fit your mood? Shop a Les Parfums collection from Louis Vuitton below:



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