How to Wear a Scarf In Your Hair, According to Your Instagram Faves


Proven by yours truly, a pleasing headband can be ragged as a top, a bag, and more. But if a Spring 2019 runways are any indication, scarves are streamer north. Classic Versace prints were tied around a conduct like a pirate, Kate Spade New York premiered vintage-inspired bandanas that are unfailing to be ragged while zipping around Malibu in a convertible, and some-more designers introduced a headband as a stubborn trend. And people have taken notice.

And by people, we meant a Influencers with a collateral “I” who are embracing a style. From Something Navy’s Arielle Charnas to Caroline Daur who boasts 1.2 million followers, all your faves are clogging a feeds with headscarves, and we wish in. See 7 ways they’re all tied adult in a look, below.

1. The Bow Tie

If you’re an entrance turn headband wearer, try this easy look. Reach for a long, spare silk headband and hang it around a low ponytail. Pro tip: trip a headband by an effervescent hair tie, do adult your hack securing a headband during a core back, afterwards hang your headband into crawl during a top.

2. Bandana Tie

This one throws it behind to an aughties character icon: Lizzie McGuire. The core propagandize heroine was frequency seen but a tie-dye bandana, nor will we be from here on out. Choose an oversized silk block in a stylish print, overlay it diagonally in half, and tie it over your hair tucking a core dilemma inside.

3. Modest, Yet Modern Wraps

If medium conform informs your style, demeanour to Humaira Waza. She styled hijabs for, and has a YouTube channel that is constantly reinventing a look. Her tutorials give step-by-step instructions for headscarf wearers during any ability level.

4. The Under Chin

This easy demeanour is ideal for going on a resting drive. But we don’t have to possess a selected Cadillac to wear this demeanour daily. Fold an oversized block headband in half, place it loosely over your conduct like Vanessa Hong, afterwards tangle it underneath your chin. Now all we need are black sunglasses and you’re Old Hollywood, baby.

5. The Oversized Bow

Instead of regulating a silk scarf, try a larger, weave rectangle for this look. Wrap it around your head, afterwards tie a vast crawl in a front. Like Nneka Julia, we advise regulating a bright, plain headband instead of a printed one. A jam-packed paint helps conclude a bow’s shape.

An whole city draped in pastel pinks, blues, and greens, everybody in Old Havana knows any other. On your approach to buy bread we stop and report with neighbors, we counterpart down from a patio while we hang garments or sip a crater of café. After work, we lift adult chairs, someone brings a speakers, another brings a rum. You dance, drink, talk, eat. The tone of conversation, undeviating by glances during FB or IG feeds, turns from black and white to a burning red. 🥀 #oldhavana #cuba

A post common by Nneka Julia (@nnekaj) on Nov 15, 2017 during 9:06am PST

6. The Pony Wrap

This demeanour feels plucked off a runway, and a proprietor travel character photographer Tyler Joe speckled it on a streets of Paris. Use a short, thin, headband and hang it down your whole hack tail for a high-fashion braid that isn’t contrived.

7. The Twist and Tie

We’ve been eyeing Sammi Jefcoate’s adore for headscarves for a while, so we were overjoyed when she gave a discerning IG educational on how to duplicate her signature look. Notice how she pulls out a few face-framing layers of hair to tumble next her scarf. It adds a soft, delicate hold to a look.


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