I Tried Insta-Popular Glitter Masks to See If They Live Up to a Hype


Unless you’ve been vital underneath a stone though WiFi, you’ve substantially corkscrew by Instagram and seen a shine facade selfie. The #instabait prodigy has taken over a feeds, a stores, a faces, and, in a few cases, a hearts.

In an bid to find a best shine face mask, we motionless to put dual renouned options to a test. The initial is a OG, tried-and-true favorite from Glamglow and a drugstore take from E.L.F. that usually costs $8. No spoilers here, though not all shine masks are combined equal.

GlamGlow #GlitterMask Gravitymud Firming Treatment ($59)

I’m already a outrageous Glamglow fan so we had high expectations for this mask. The tangible product distance is smaller than we approaching for $59 and seemed as if we would usually be means to get a few uses out of it. Upon application, it went on thick and a coherence roughly felt like Elmer’s glue. we built on product with a useful applicator brush supposing in hopes we would have a gratifying peel-away Insta impulse on my hands. The facade hardened fast and after a 20 to 30 notation environment time, we was ready. With a set of used poses, we was prepared to emanate a Instagrammable calm of my dreams.

I would give this facade 8 glittery stars (out of 10 glittery stars) for a ‘grammable quality. The shine is a full glisten with tangible stars—my face looked like a list during a high propagandize graduation party. While my selfies were not as good as a professionals or a ads (shocker!), it did perform as betrothed and combined a picture-perfect moment. we even combined in a column my boyfriend.

The peel-off partial was also a unequivocally critical step. Make sure—MAKE SURE—you don’t get any eyebrow hair in a goop as we will mislay it. The facade is unequivocally clever and my descent done me mislay a few brow hairs. That’s some-more of a me problem, though you’ve been warned.

Now, for a many critical part: My skin felt great. I’m now dependant to this mask. we adore a feeling of it ripping all a impurities and mud from my skin. Sometimes we only need that additional clean, scrubbed-up feeling that this facade provides in spades. we beheld a disproportion in my skin after only one try and with continual use several times a month, I’ve seen some-more benefits. My skin does feel firmer and my pores are noticeably reduction manifest interjection to mixture like licorice and marshmallow that work to plump, brighten, and tie a skin.

E.L.F. Pore Clearing Glitter Peel Off Mask ($8)

My subsequent dive into shine face masks was from E.L.F. Although it’s advertised as a charcoal, hazel, and lavender mask, we was only intuiting charcoal. It was very, unequivocally thick. If Glamglow’s was Elmer’s glue, this was superglue. we built a product around my face though was shaken to request even a small on my brows in fear of losing them.

After unequivocally clever placement, we waited 30 mins for a facade to harden. we was carefree that a shine would come by some-more after drying, though we was wrong. The facade is black with a bit of sparkle, though not much. It’s easier to see a shine in person, though with a peep of a camera, it can simply be missed. Needless to say, my selfies were not all that sparkling to a people following along on Instagram.

The dismissal was uncomfortable—I felt like we put fasten on my face instead of a mask. Even after removal, my skin continued to feel raw for a full hour after. Also, distinct a Glamglow, facade dismissal was utterly tricky. It took a few tries before we could entirely mislay a facade in several scruffy pieces. we wasn’t compelled to give a facade another try.

Final Thoughts

Live a small and deposit in a peculiarity mask. Don’t only do it for a selfie, do it for your skin. Maybe use a shine filter or dual to unequivocally adult a photogenic effect. we was sole on Glamglow’s product since it unequivocally softened my skin—and a shine was only an combined treat.

Here are a few some-more shine facade options on a market.


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