Ikea competence launch intelligent blinds soon, FCC filing reveals


Ikea fans will be happy to know a Swedish tradesman competence shortly supplement a new product to a intelligent home portfolio: intelligent blinds.

Ikea appears to be removing prepared to refurbish a Tradfri line of intelligent home products with new intelligent blinds, formed on an FCC filing speckled by Dave Zatz. The filing is indeed for an open/close remote device that can be used to control a intelligent blinds. Although these form of window shades are mostly expensive, around $300 to $400, we think Ikea’s intelligent blinds will be most some-more wallet-friendly.

Keep in mind Ikea is also building inexpensive intelligent plugs. These devices, that recently leaked out, will cost about $10 any and radically spin reticent products smart. Or, rather, they’ll concede we to control an offline product by a mobile app or a remote control. Like other Tradfri products, a new intelligent block is approaching to support Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

  • Ikea and Sonos arrangement their initial intelligent orator prototypes
  • Ikea goes after Philips Hue with possess bill intelligent lighting

There’s no word nonetheless when a intelligent block or intelligent blinds will be released. But all signs indicate to shortly – and it’s exciting. Currently, automation products aren’t cheap, though with Ikea entering a space with roducts during entry-level prices, we’re anticipating a marketplace will be pushed into obscure prices. If not, afterwards during slightest we have affordable Ikea options.


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