It’s Time to Dream Big—Your Feb Horoscopes Are Here


This month, we’re transitioning from brainy Aquarius to heart-centered Pisces. Aquarius is always one or dual stairs forward of all a other zodiac signs, and during this time of year, we get to advantage from that radical energy. It’s a ideal time to lay out your long-term prophesy for a rest of 2019, so dream large and don’t be fearful to pursue radical ideas. Once Pisces deteriorate starts on a 18th, your subsequent charge will be creation certain a goals you’ve set align with what we find emotionally satisfying. If we pursue it, will it unequivocally perform you? If not, there’s zero wrong with reworking or modifying your goals before relocating ahead.

This month is a attribute refresh, and not only since Valentine’s Day is around a corner! All 3 personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) change signs in a subsequent 30 days, clearing a interpersonal decks and sparking uninformed connections. With Venus into Capricorn on a 3rd, we tumble in adore with your work and learn to adore your colleagues! Mercury into peaceful Pisces on a 10th helps we promulgate with empathy, and it’s also good for communication and art. Finally, Mars into regretful Taurus on Valentine’s Day puts everybody in a erotic mood. Meanwhile, an Aquarius new moon on a 4th and a Virgo full moon on a 19th set a health-conscious tinge for a month ahead. Both are creation propitious angles to other planets, so a stars are aligned to assistance we attain with a few self-care tweaks, like good food, lots of water, and copiousness of sleep!


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