Jamie Lee Curtis Was Not a Fan of Fiji Water Girl during a 2019 Golden Globes


For an awards rite that celebrates all a successful film and TV shows from a past year, a 2019 Golden Globe awards certain had a lot of drama. First, there was a Chrissy Metz vs. Alison Brie fracas, in that fans were assured Metz called Brie a “bitch.” Now, Jamie Lee Curtis is job out Fiji Water and Moet — both central advertisers of a endowment rite — for a promotional stunts a companies pulled on a Golden Globes red carpet.

In a midst of all a play maturation on Sunday night, a hashtag #FijiWaterGirl began to trend, as viewers beheld a woman, who has been identified as Kelleth Cuthbert, in a stately blue dress strategically station behind a night’s biggest stars.

Here she is behind Crazy Rich Asian’s Constance Wu.

FIJI Water At The 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards

And again behind Julianne Moore.

FIJI Water At The 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Jamie Lee Curtis was also a plant of #FijiWaterGirl, and took to Instagram to call out companies for doing promotional stunts though seeking accede first.

“So, my husband, who doesn’t demeanour during a lot of uncover business news sites, only mentioned that we was on a CNN website. we privately changed divided from a blatant promotions by Fiji and Moet where immature women with their trays filled with their things stood nearby a designated camera,” she wrote on Instagram, adding that she done it transparent to a Golden Globes photographer that she didn’t wish to be a partial of a promotion.

“Clearly this angle shows that we changed from her being behind me and nonetheless from a side it still happens,” she continued. “The sponsors of events need to get accede from people when they get them to take their design subsequent to products.”

Naturally, Cuthbert gained a multitude of fans following her Fiji Water entrance and spoke to Glamour about her newfound fame.

“I really consider I’m prepared for [the fame], though such is a inlet of a Internet that these things only go by in a flash,” she told Glamour. “No one will find this humorous in a week. We’ll see!”


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