Jeffrey Dodd RTW Fall 2019


While engineer Jeffrey Dodd was cleaning out an aged storage unit, he came on his college portfolio — that he designed to get into his alma mater, Pratt Institute — that enclosed a sold squiggly line contour blueprint that was used as impulse for his latest tumble 2019 collection. Dodd ceaselessly uses a American Southwest as impulse and crushed adult a dual into a good lineup for his initial crossover to a June/December calendar.

Dodd’s blueprint was a strike for a collection. Digitized and magnified versions were printed in black, white and baby blue on relating sets, day dresses and a velvet turtleneck. A 3-D chronicle done for a many intriguing with a squiggles molded in hypertube cosmetic and adhered to a lightest covering of tulle “almost like an Elmer’s glue” over floor-length hyper tulle dresses.

“The eveningwear got a lot reduction fussy. It went behind to what a ready-to-wear looks like, so a lady has an whole habit that relates to one another. we wanted a dusk to be associated to a denim and not seem out of place,” Dodd explained of a lot that ranged from hack hair culottes interconnected with a wrapped kimono coupler with hack hair pockets and good Western-inspired top-stitched denim pants to a hang dress of hack calf hair and lambskin with jersey turtleneck or dried orange button-up and trouser set. Overall, a lineup seamlessly crossed between dusk and daywear, both of that had plenty machine- and hand-washable options.


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