Jeremy Scott Wants You to Be Able to Buy Moschino and Still Pay Your Rent


There are half a million sequins in a Manhattan penthouse, and it’s all Jeremy Scott’s fault. The tongue-in-chic engineer is prepping for his latest runway show—a Moschino x HM plug collab—and a gleam cause contingency be major. There are sequins on parkas, on sweatpants, on pleasing boys walking shirtless by Scott’s pop-up atelier. And yet Kira-Kira competence not be prepared for such sparkle, a Internet unequivocally is: as of this article’s publishing, there are already 2300 Instagram photos with a show’s reserved hashtag #hmoschino… and a uncover doesn’t start for another 25 hours.

“This collection is unequivocally for a fans,” says Scott, thumbing by a runway looks during HM’s New York offices. “When we go on amicable media after a shows, or even run into people on a street, we see how Moschino’s designs bond with people on such a abdominal level, even if they’re not means to buy all of them. So we wanted to give a fans a present behind to them, for all a adore they’ve given to me, we know? To span with HM means to be means to give some-more people entrance to a garments they love, though prohibiting them from profitable their rent. That’s a big, critical component that we feel like I’ve been missing.”

Prices will operation from about $20 to $400, with Instagram icons like Gigi Hadid and Stella Maxwell starring in a campaign, and even some-more mega-models set to strike a catwalk for a runway show. we ask Scott—who famously expel Maxwell, both Hadid sisters, and Cara Delevingne on his catwalk before anyone else—if he thinks supermodels are still applicable in a age of influencers. “Fashion is still a bit of an primitive situation, though,” he says. “No matter how most people contend ‘fashion shows are dead,’ or ‘Fashion Week is dead,’ it never is! It’s always tall, pleasing women wearing unfit clothes. And we accumulate around in a room and ceremony it!” he laughs.

“No matter how most things have altered in how we live and what kinds of record we use, how camera to video has altered what we demeanour during on a daily basis, people still wish to lay down and wait for impossibly pleasing girls to travel around display us a latest creations. Something about this is in a DNA. It speaks roughly tribally to us. It can’t ever turn obsolete. Even if we’re examination models and conform on a shade from a bedroom, we’re still examination it.”

But if we like your fuchsia mistake fur and trademark hoodies with a side of influencer magic, it’s okay: among a muses for this collection are drag empress Aquaria, Pose ingenue Mj Rodriguez, Japanese twin rockers Amiya, and Moschino’s possess dear publicist, Pablo Olea, all of whom star in a collection’s demeanour book along with indication Barbie Ferreira, a.k.a. Barbie Knox. “She can’t do a show, unfortunately, since she’s filming her new TV uncover [Euphoria, starring Zendaya]… I’m anxious for her success as an actress, though I’m unhappy she can’t be on a runway with us. She was unequivocally constituent to a prophesy of this collection,” that merges a va-voom! glamour of Italian character with cocktail enlightenment icons like Mickey Mouse and a MTV logo.

Also integral: a condom design on tees, sweats, purses, and even bedazzled earrings. “I did indeed make Moschino condoms,” Scott says. “I told HM we wanted to give them out during a show, and during a stores, too; honestly, we wish to give them out wherever we can. we say, let them be free, wherever they can be, so that kids who are broke to buy them or even who only forget to buy them will be like, “Oh, this is free! This says Moschino and we can only take it!” And it’ll lead to some-more protected sex, and some-more recognition of protected sex. That’s my dream,” he sighs.

Wait, really?

“Oh yeah,” Scott nods. “It’s my needed avocation to inspire people to be intent and wakeful of a world, and what they can do to make it better.” According to Scott, that includes voting, assisting others, practicing protected sex, fighting bigotry, and wearing garments from inclusive, loquacious designers. After all, assent and probity takes courage, and also, sequins.

Moschino x HM launches Nov 8 during name stores worldwide and online during Watch a conform uncover live tonight, Oct 24, on Instagram.


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