JordanLuca Men’s Fall 2019


Design twin Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto told their tumble 2019 story, by a lens of an obsessive, insomniac predator.

“We were entirely focused on this one kind of male and this thought of him staring during a roof during night,” pronounced Marchetto, indicating to a mattresses that hang on a walls of a brand’s display space. “We wanted to lean a room and demeanour from above.”

It done for a niche though constrained narrative.

The recurrent peculiarity of this impression they constructed, pushed a designers to broach a delicately edited operation filled with standout patterns, luxe fabrics and formidable structures — a kind that we would find in a habit of a male who “knows all about himself.”

There were slim tailored suits in epitome jacquard fabrics — desirous by a demeanour of mattresses over time — intelligent double-breasted coats layered over printed tracksuits and oversize parkas featuring layered panels or cartoonish prints, taken from Sixties soothing porn magazines.

The twin also played with contrasts, layering delicate askew organza shirts underneath classic, argyle-knit vests or adding a some-more grave feel to tracksuits with corseted tops, reflecting a altogether pierce divided from sportswear that’s been function opposite a London catwalks.

“Sportswear is a wrong word for us. The code is a alloy of a particular Italian and English heritage. we move a lot of a tailoring credentials and Jordan brings this civic soldier feel that’s blank in Italy,” Marchetto added.


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