Julia Roberts’s Unexpected New Hair Color Just Might Convince You to Go Pink


Julia Roberts

Fact: Millennial pinkish isn’t only for millennials. Ask Julia Roberts — she just painted her hair a pinky rose gold. The singer doesn’t typically dally in unconventional hair colors, though here she is, debuting her astonishing demeanour on Instagram:

Both Roberts and her longtime stylist Serge Normant posted videos for “faux bang Friday,” a diversion in that a singer posts fakes a hair-flip Boomerang. It’s delightful, though we unequivocally wouldn’t design anything reduction from Roberts, whose been famous as “America’s Sweetheart” via her career. 

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But, what’s some-more important is a lax fishtail plat that Roberts’s hair is styled in. Her color is blonde during a roots and gets some-more pinkish via her hair, that creates an ombré effect. The demeanour is light adequate for her blonde bottom to still uncover through, though a pointed hand-painted, tinges of pinkish still make an impact. 

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Whether or not a new tone is genuine or temporary, we’re into how Roberts took a pinkish hair trend to a subsequent turn by wearing a blazer a accurate same shade of millennial pink. 


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