Karl Lagerfeld’s Final Collection for Chanel


Karl Lagerfeld famously pronounced many things, and one of them was that he did not like funerals. “I do not wish anyone to come to mine. Do what we wish with a ashes,” he told Vanessa Gregoriadis in a 2002 form in New York. “Send them down a rubbish chute.”

If guest during Chanel’s tumble 2019 uncover indispensable any serve denote that this presentation, Lagerfeld’s final collection after his flitting on Feb 19, wouldn’t symbol a arise in any conspicuous way, a elementary sketch of Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel on any chair review “and a kick goes on.” There was a notation of overpower to symbol a arise and that was that.

So in many ways it was only another Chanel collection with another fantastical set: this time an Alpine ski city finish with piles of sleet and smoking chimneys and après-ski clothes. There were corpulent weave sweaters and skirts ragged with shearling boots; loose, prolonged menswear desirous coats in houndstooth and herringbone prints wrapped during a waist over pleat-front pants that took impulse from men’s suiting; some-more classical tweed looks gave approach to brightly colored puffers and zip front physique suits. A array of leafy white dresses sealed a show, ethereal as snowflakes modeled by Adut Akech, Kaia Gerber, and Penelope Cruz, who smiled down a runway holding a white rose.

Though zero about a uncover invited an romantic outpouring, a culmination brought many to tears, including a models and many in a front row. The whole Grand Palais rose to the feet for a station acclaim that lasted for minutes.


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