Kobi Halperin Pre-Fall 2019


Recently smitten with travel casual, conform is overhanging behind to sauce up. Kobi Halperin knows it, and he’s found success in only 3 years by charity receptive silhouettes with newness elaboration and aspect seductiveness that make women feel assured and beautiful.

In acid for impulse this season, he was taken by artists Ori Gersht and Jan Brueghel a Elder. Gersht, a contemporary artist, replicated 3 of Brueghel’s floral paintings from 1606 with silk and plastic, placed them in front of mirrors and prisoner a mirrors’ explosions on camera. It was a routine that explored existence and fantasy.

In examining his possess reality, Halperin found beauty in a floral arrangements outward New York delis. Thus, a floral thesis was born. He offering them in iterations realistic and differently to tempt women to dress up. There were 8 mix-and-match floral prints meant to be layered together, brightly colored short-sleeve blouses with minimal root embroidery, classical headband prints and Uzbek elaboration that lent an artisanal hold to outerwear and A-line skirts. Tailoring valid exciting, with x-stitch floral elaboration that was cunning and pixelated. It’s tough not to grin saying his look-book models posing in head-to-toe floral looks in front of deli flowers.


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