Makeup Artist North West Gave Her Mom Kim Kardashian a Very Artsy Makeover


North West is flattering most prepared to get her mom Kim Kardashian’s flourishing beauty sovereignty in a latest video posted to Kim’s Instagram story.

In a video, Kim lets daughter North West uncover off a new Glam Bible Smokey Volume we palette from KKW Beauty, and she’s fundamentally already a veteran makeup artist.

First, North starts with a small an whole bottle of foundation, staining a glass regulation around KKW’s face with an orange beauty blender.

“Okay, we consider that’s adequate foundation,” Kim says laughing. Next adult in North’s educational is some black eyeliner fact on a cheeks (sure!). She tries to pull a solid “KKW” on her mom’s cheek, though Kim flinches and messes adult her daughter’s master work, promulgation North into a teenager pretension (it happens).

“I moved, I’m sorry, we moved. we didn’t know it would means this most of a large deal,” Kim jokes while North cries on a floor. “Usually my makeup artists don’t act this way.”

Later, recovered from her unpropitious loss, North gets behind to work with a eyeliner, formulating some arrange of smokey, spider web demeanour on Kim’s eye with a same new KKW Beauty eyeliner from a Glam Bible bundle.

After starting from blemish a second time, North finishes a demeanour with KKW Beauty glow in “Luxe” and it’s overtly Kim’s best beauty demeanour yet.

“Okay guys so this is a final demeanour by North West regulating a Glam Bible Smokey Volume I, accessible now on,” Kim jokes.

But wait! Baby Dream creates an coming to supplement a hold of prominence to North’s look. She uses KKW beauty prominence in “Glitz Glam” on Kim’s face, afterwards adds another covering of glow to Kim’s eyelids and a hollows of her cheeks.

Well done, ladies!


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