Mary Alice Haney Knows What Women Want to Wear


Sexy. California. Glamour. Those 3 words, that hail visitors to Mary Alice Haney’s e-commerce site, have turn a job label for one of Tinseltown’s many devoted names in fashion. They’re also a substructure of an cultured for that Haney is unapologetic. When a theme is broached of a Time’s Up–fueled black dresses during final January’s Golden Globes, Haney is discerning to shutdown a idea that a dusk signaled a change to some-more kind red-carpet dressing: “It would be a unhappy state of affairs if women felt that that’s what this was about.”

Having spent 15 years as a conform editor and a go-to stylist for everybody from Jane Fonda to Reese Witherspoon, Haney knows improved than many what women wish to wear. Five years ago, she launched her eponymous collection as a response, in part, to what she saw as a opening in a market, both for her possess habit and that of her clients (and as a opposite to a overly casual, denim-heavy Los Angeles stereotype). She was also driven by a faith that “every woman, no matter her age or size, can demeanour glamorous and voluptuous though should also be comfortable.”

Haney has positively succeeded: Her best-selling Gia dress (which facilities a rarely graceful technical jersey that eliminates a need for corsetry) has seemed on both Taylor Swift and an eight-months-pregnant Chrissy Teigen. And her proceed hasn’t altered with a stream meridian in Hollywood. “The #MeToo transformation isn’t about covering adult or not being sexy,” she says. “I’m a voluptuous dresser. It’s about carrying each lady feel powerful, strong, and protected in any environment.” All her panoply are constructed in L.A. in female-owned factories; Haney, a mom of five, is zealous about ancillary women. “I consider a hardest partial of formulating Haney was only being a mom and sophistry a business. It’s like carrying a sixth child, and we can’t trust this child is branch five!”

This essay creatively seemed in a Nov 2018 emanate of ELLE.



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