MekaMon V2 is a new AR drudge spider that really won’t frighten your kids


Bristol-based Reach Robotics has denounced a next-generation chronicle of a gaming robot. But, be warned: It looks like a spider, and if we give it your children, we can’t pledge they won’t be totally creeped out by it.

Officially called MekaMon Berserker V2, it follows MekaMon Berserker V1, that launched in Nov 2017. The new indication is designed to some-more durable and expressive. It also adds a new protracted existence and gaming knowledge called a “boundless playspace”, interjection to new “markerless AR” technology. Essentially, we can control and customise it, and we can quarrel with it while leveraging AR to make your battles immersive.

Version 2 comes with an softened protracted existence singular actor diversion mode and a new multiplayer mode with ability adult to 4 players. It also brings a totally rested user interface. But a biggest change, Reach said, is that we can embankment a pad now, since it’s grown a new tracking record that doesn’t need an AR marker. At a start of your AR game, we will be means to use your phone to map your playspace.

You will be means to conclude where we play, and how large your practical locus will be, Reach explained. You can watch a trailer for MekaMon V2 above for some-more details. It indeed reminds us of Boston Dynamic’s RISE scorpion robot, that is equally unsettling to watch in action. If you’re not fearful of creepy-crawly bots, Reach pronounced V2 will come to a UK, US, Canada, UAE , and Europe, with accessibility by Apple, from a 17 October.

It costs £249.99 and is also accessible from


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