Monse Pre-Fall 2019


Woof. Monse’s pre-fall collection was a dog, though in a good way. Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim aren’t dog owners, though they’re dog lovers. They laced their pre-fall collection with dog inspo, from a Disney partnership to boots done with dog leashes to their look-book shoot, that featured 30 dogs accessible for adoption from 6 internal pet rescue organizations. It was lovable on mixed levels.

Through a Disney collaboration, Pluto seemed on a hoodie, jeans and elaboration on a patchwork bandana imitation coat. For those who aren’t dog lovers, or are though don’t wish to wear their pets on their sleeves, a bulk of a collection was clinging to Monse’s signature, worldly men’s wear-derived deconstruction. “It always starts with holding a men’s coupler each deteriorate and reckoning out how to make it fresh,” pronounced Garcia. They incited them inside-out to uncover off a linings, that resulted in a cold patchwork outcome on spliced jackets, skirts, pants and shirts with mixed necks on women’s looks and a unisex/men’s line they introduced for spring.

Garcia remarkable that they worked with edging for a initial time, slicing it in a ball settlement that aligned with a implicit collegiate thesis of varsity jackets and shirts labeled with “Monsedale.” More appealing and reduction cutesy were a new deception and paisley bandana prints on oversized shirts, pants, sporty coats and hang skirts.


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