New Ways to Style 4 Fall Classics


Oct 22, 2018

When autumn lovers explain since they adore a deteriorate so much, they’ll discuss an essay of clothing, no fail. Whether it’s sweaters or jackets or layers of everything, a things we wear during tumble has an appealing brew of nostalgia, practicality, and just-want-to-sit-by-the-fire coziness. And while there’s a clear magnitude of “If it ain’t broke, don’t repair it,” new styling ideas never harm anyone.

Below, a favorites from Nordstrom’s 1901 line, a collection designed to applaud undying looks. Get prepared to see these classical autumnal pieces by uninformed eyes.

The new approach to wear: a cableknit sweater

Proof of a soundness of a common sweater? It’s a usually essay of wardrobe to have a deteriorate named after it (sweater weather!). With a cableknit’s classical figure and salt-of-the-earth energy, it’s easy to lift on with your favorite jeans and easy boots.


Challenge yourself for tumble ’18 by anticipating one with special sum that raise a undying knit. Ties during a neck and wrists and a ethereal lifted collar make this snowy choice seem blouse-like. Resist a titillate to lift on jeans and span with a mini instead. The cut’s spring-like, though a right element can make all a disproportion (this one is nap coated in a plasticky finish).

Nordstrom 1901 Sweater, $79


Worn with: Fendi Skirt,

The new approach to wear: suiting

Tailored jackets and correct trousers—especially ragged together—are year-round classics that feel generally right for frail tumble weather. Flip a thought of matched separates on a conduct with a stylish jumpsuit that fakes a demeanour of a tip and pants though has all a palliate of a one-piece.

Piping during a cuffs, lapel, and breast slot conclude menswear-inspired details, while a silky fabric in a dim paint is versatile adequate to wear to work or cocktails. For a office, collect a pointy, bow-topped prosaic that gives a delicate finish. Replace with heels to take it out during night.

Nordstrom 1901 Pajama Jumpsuit, $99


Worn with: Nordstrom 1901 Flats, $90,; Alexander Wang Clutch

The new approach to wear: a pencil skirt

Sleek, simple, and with a hemline that’s suitable for a many regressive office, a pencil dress is behind and improved than ever. Make it feel complicated by not meditative of it as a simple anchor piece. Instead, spin it into a matter with a classical plaid imitation and a thick belt.

While a conformation will always demeanour good with a simple shell, crewneck sweater, or button-down, it’s easy to relax with a fun striking t-shirt. Tuck it in for a purify look.

Nordstrom 1901 Pencil Skirt, $79


Worn with: Nordstrom 1901 T-Shirt; Valentino Bag

The new approach to wear: a blazer

Unscientific studies have shown that half of all women are anxious when tumble continue rolls around since it’s time to lift out a blazer. The topper has a high ROI, with an palliate of wear that manages to make any outfit feel now some-more polished.

This fall, shake it adult by wearing one over a matter blouse and with wide, cropped pants. Avoid cold ankles by styling with a aloft foot that slips underneath ample breathe legs. Extra credit if we opt for a standout tone like dry red.

Nordstrom 1901 Blazer, $149


Worn with: Nordstrom 1901 Blouse, $69,; Nordstrom 1901 Pants, $89,; Salvatore Ferragamo Bag


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