Packing Lessons I’ve Learned from 50+ Fashion Weeks


This conform week, when you’re scrolling by transport character pic after transport character pic, try and remember that those ideally dressed people didn’t usually appear out of skinny air. The influencers, bloggers, editors, writers, and over that tend to demeanour so facilely cold expected have a used proceed that usually creates it demeanour that easy.

For insider insight, we asked British blogger Peony Lim to explain how she approaches a season. From attending shows to assembly clients and operative around a taping report for her new podcast, Three Dumplings, she’s b-u-s-y. Below, see how she approaches make-up and outfit planning.

“Which cities we attend depends on a deteriorate and my jobs. Last Sep we did New York, London, and Paris,” she tells “I mostly have meetings and attend a shows—I routinely usually go to a integrate of parties. Otherwise, a jet loiter hull me for a subsequent day. When we initial started [going to conform week] 9 or so years ago, it was all about transport character for me. we would spend some-more time outward being photographed than during meetings or shows.”

For flights from London, Lim always brings a cashmere headband that doubles as a sweeping (“I don’t like putting a airline blankets nearby my face, in box we have a greeting to a antiseptic or fabric”) and a silk eye mask. She also creates certain to move LUMIFY™ Redness Reliever Eye Drops, doubling adult with them in her carry-on and toiletry case. [Editor’s note: product is usually accessible in a U.S.]

“I adore carrying eye drops when we travel. They’re super useful [after a red-eye] when you’re lagging and your eyes uncover it some-more than anything else,” she says. “I also adore them to freshen adult before a fire [when my eyes are red]. ”

Before conform week even starts, Lim knows what she’s wearing.

“When you’re roving for conform week, we have to be utterly organized, given you’re on a highway for a month and need a opposite demeanour for day and night many of a time. we character all on a building before we leave and take photos so we know accurately that pieces we have chosen. Otherwise, we always finish adult with a pointless bracelet that we can’t remember that demeanour it was for,” she explains. “Each day we usually squeeze a print and copy—much easier.”

There’s a process to how she puts all in her monogrammed luggage too.

“I container any demeanour on steel dry-cleaning hangers with a cosmetic dry-cleaning bag over a tip of any one. This helps to trap atmosphere and stop creasing, speeds adult unpacking given we usually hang them all up, and keeps all orderly [by outfits.]”

Being a light packer means we have reduction choices, though some-more room to shop.

Years (and conform weeks) of knowledge have incited Lim into a pro during meaningful what she will and won’t wear. As such, she’s means to revise down her container to considerable standards.

“I routinely usually have one gangling outfit. Having trafficked so much, I’m a flattering veteran packer. I’ve worked out what we need,” she says.

LUMIFY is a heading of Bausch Lomb Incorporated or the affiliates.

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