Pantene Legit Just Hired a Baby to Be Its New Face


If a Forbes 30 Under 30 creates we feel inadequate, demeanour away. An tangible baby has landed a vital beauty debate during a developed age of one year old. Infant-luencer (Baby-fluencer? It-Baby?) Baby Chanco, whose mom-managed comment boasts 300,000 followers, has such a palatable conduct of hair that Pantene recruited her to be in an ad. Chanco is featured alongside gray-haired Japanese TV announcer Sato Kondo and is also shows adult in a brief mark called “The Hairy Tale.”

“We feel [Chanco’s] pleasing hair has clever energy that creates people definitely pierce forward,” Ooshiaki Okura, PG Japan Hair Care Associate Brand Director told People. “We went true to her mom since Chanco’s celebrity and special impression matches a picture for women we wish to support.”

We have so many questions. What do they meant by Chanco’s “special character”? Are women ostensible to find babies aspirational now? Is Pantene protected for babies to use? What have her relatives been feeding her to get such thick, prolonged hair…and can we have some??

All “WTFs” aside, Baby Chanco is indeed sanctified in a hair dialect and flattering damn cute. Thanks to her mom, Mami Kano, for blessing a internet.


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