Please Allow Me Time to Process Beto’s New Beard


Normcore domestic zaddy Beto O’Rourke has grown a brave and, while we conclude a thousands of texts, calls, and telegrams, we contingency publicly state that we am still estimate it during this time. Bae-to, about whom scientists contend Avril Lavrigne wrote her seminal anthem “Sk8er Boi,” has been on utterly a tour given a finish of his Senate debate opposite Ted Cruz. He became a Medium blogger, he got into baking on Instagram Live like an influencer, and he spent New Year’s Eve building and afterwards sitting in an igloo.


Would all of these be my choice? No. Do we mind observant Bae-to’s toned arms lugging blocks of packaged snow? Also no. So, what I’m observant is that for me and for Beto a past few months have been a churned bag. Nevertheless, we am happy to see your high propagandize promenade date who could unequivocally still get it vital his best life out loud. we trust Bae-to to do what’s best/hottest for himself, to check in with his spirit, and to continue looking like a lead in a Lifetime Christmas film about a harried story highbrow who falls in adore with a owners of a city bakery while on sabbatical to write a book about Rutherford B. Hayes. This is a agreement that Bae-to and we have come to and we am happy with it.

Which is because it heedfulness me to contend that we do not nonetheless know how we feel about his new beard, that done a entrance on a Facebook Live discuss about a Southern U.S. limit final night.

Here’s an picture from a video:


And here’s footage of me observant Bae-to’s brave for a initial time:


Thank you; no serve questions during this time.

I am blissful that Bae-to was focusing on what was truly important: vocalization law to energy about what was unequivocally function during a border. But we contingency acknowledge we am small disturbed that he didn’t during slightest start a video by acknowledging that, yes, there was some-more hair on his face and, no, he didn’t check with us first, and, yes, it done him demeanour reduction like a adore seductiveness for C.J. Cregg and some-more like someone who is offered CBD products during a qualification fair, and, no, that is not a bad thing, but, yes, it will take some adjustment. Is that too most to ask?

I also can’t assistance though notice that Beardo O’Rourke debuts 6 weeks after his former domestic competition Ted Cruz “grew” a “beard.” Am we observant that Beardo is duplicating a remarkable Zodiac aficionado? No. Ted Cruz’s brave looks like it was practical by a center propagandize play tyro for a prolongation of Long Day’s Journey Into Night. It’s reduction a brave than a situation. Beardo’s brave is fine and not opposite God’s plan. It’s usually different.

Let’s take another look:


On one hand, it’s considerable that Beardo is one of a usually people whose hotness transcends a grainy video of a live internet broadcast. On a other hand, this arrange of looks like I’ve arrived during a indicate in my Chat Roulette tour that could literally go in any direction. Again, am we complaining? No. Am we nervous? Yes. Did we watch to a end? Also yes. Beardo’s face is full of hair and we am full of feelings and we’re all usually perplexing to live a best/hottest lives out here.

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