Private Policy Men’s Fall 2019


Dubbed “Human vs. Money,” Private Policy’s uncover in partnership with GQ Presents was a explanation on society’s attribute with money. Designers Siying Qu and Haoran Li showed 4 capsules, themed around robbers, a youth, military and bankers.

The initial dual groups focused on workwear styles, including a padded strap that was done from shredded American dollar bills, while a preference of lane pants, hoodies and T-shirts also cycled by a capsules.

The collection gained traction when Qu and Li presented their final dual capsules, where they played with textures and showed off their tailoring skills. Leather and board jackets with farfetched shoulders transitioned  into boxy, straight-fit suits. These stood out in lead bronze and olive immature tones.

A beige and orange quilted coupler with slits during a elbows was also a winner, with a imitation desirous by income hurl wrappers. The uncover finished with dual fall-appropriate nap coats, a cocoon character and a straight, single-breasted option.


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