Priyanka Chopra Kicks Off Her Bachelorette Weekend With Boats, Bling, and Booze


Just a few days after her enchanting and really costly spousal showering during Tiffany Co’s Blue Box Cafe, Priyanka Chopra is strictly kicking off her bachelorette weekend on what appears to be a world’s largest, fanciest yacht.

The Isn’t It Romantic star showed off a palm full of bling (including that large pillow cut rendezvous ring from Tiffany’s) on Instagram this morning, captioning a print “#BacheloretteVibes.”

The photo’s credentials really creates it demeanour like Chopra’s aboard a complicated day Titanic, and her Instagram stories exhibit there’s no necessity of pinkish roses, rose bullion balloons, or champagne (duh).

Footage common by one of Chopra’s BFF’s, filmmaker Shrishti Behl Arya appears to uncover that a spousal celebration is sailing by Amsterdam, that means a celebration can usually get wilder and some-more glamorous from here.

And if Chopra’s bachelorette celebration is this weekend, that means her marriage to Nick Jonas is function so, so soon. Stay tuned!


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