Riverdale Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: Griffins & Gargoyles & Grunge


Warning: Spoilers for Riverdale deteriorate 3, part 4, “The Midnight Club,” ahead.

Riverdale took us behind in time with “The Midnight Club,” a nostalgia-packed part set in a ’90s, yet with an ’80s soundtrack and featuring copiousness of teen film references from that epoch (think Heathers and a Nightmare on Elm Street series). The whole part was modeled after The Breakfast Club and even enclosed one of a film’s stars (Anthony Michael Hall) personification Principal Featherhead. Strangely enough, associate Breakfast Club alum Molly Ringwald was nowhere to be found, even yet she plays Archie’s mom. Seems like a squandered opportunity, yet c’est la vie.

At Riverdale High, a propagandize administration is operative tough to keep a students from personification Griffins Gargoyles after a sequence books seemed in everyone’s lockers interjection to Ethel Muggs (Shannon Purser). The city strictly bans a diversion after an sequence from Mayor Lodge (Marisol Nichols), stemming from a deaths of Ben Button and Dilton Doiley. Over in a propagandize paper office, Betty learns from her coroner hit that a resources surrounding Dilton’s genocide are eerily identical to another puzzling genocide that happened during Riverdale High in a ’90s. She goes home to griddle her mom about her knowledge personification GG and a tour to a past begins.

All of a Riverdale kids play a high-school versions of their relatives in this episode. Alice (Lili Reinhart), Hermione (Camila Mendes), FP Jones Jr. (Cole Sprouse), Fred Andrews (KJ Apa), Penelope Blossom (Madelaine Petsch), and Sierra Samuels (Ashleigh Murray) all find themselves in weekend detention. Alice is profound with FP’s baby, yet he doesn’t know and is usually perplexing to offshoot adult with as many girls during Riverdale High as he can. Fred is doing a whole artist/athlete thing while caring for his ill father. Penelope struggles to adjust to life in a Blossom domicile after being adopted and neat to be her adoptive brother’s destiny lover. Sierra is carrying on a tip attribute with Tom Keller (Casey Cott) that conjunction of their relatives approve of since it’s interracial.

None of them routinely run in a same amicable circles, yet they try to put their differences aside and mangle a ice with a diversion of Secrets Sins. They all start to exhibit personal things about themselves, yet a diversion ends adult causing an justification between Hermione and Penelope. The quarrel gets a whole organisation 4 additional weekend apprehension sessions. Being stranded in apprehension for that many time brings everybody together and a new class starts to form. Hermione decides to mangle into their teacher’s table looking for her confiscated Gamelad (Riverdale’s chronicle of a Gameboy), yet discovers a duplicate of Griffins Gargoyles instead. Looking for any approach to pass a time, they confirm to play.

Penelope leads a organisation as diversion master and everybody else chooses their roles: Alice is sorceress, Hermione is a thief, Sierra chooses a purpose of siren, FP chooses to be a lethal deadeye, and a organisation decides that a horseman is a many wise purpose for Fred. Everyone gets unequivocally into a game, and they start creation skeleton to play even after their apprehension sessions are over. They start job themselves “The Midnight Club,” since they mangle into a propagandize during night usually to play. It becomes transparent that they’re dependant to personification when they stop regulating a diversion house and start LARPing (live-action purpose playing) around a school.

It looks like this knowledge planted a seeds for a present-day relations between a adults. Alice and Fred had a brief makeout event before she finished adult dating FP (whom she’s now saying in benefaction day), Hermione and Fred started hooking adult while she was also accidentally saying Hiram (that intrigue was revisited in deteriorate 1), and, as mentioned, Sierra and Tom attempted to date on a DL (and started saying any other again in deteriorate 2).

Back in a game, a members of a Midnight Club are regulating by a halls of Riverdale High in impression when they run into Tom Keller and other students also in a center of personification Griffins Gargoyles. The groups determine to join army and play together. All a players arrive during propagandize one day anticipating invitations to an ascent celebration in their lockers. Assuming it was sent by a associate player, they all accept a invitations and accommodate in a apprehension room for a party; chalices and other goodies are set up. FP gives everybody hiss rocks to outing out on for a celebration yet Alice (still with child) decides not to indulge. Everybody is removing a small wild, that starts to worry Alice. After regulating a bathroom, Alice finds dual chalices on a lavatory sink, with graffiti on a walls autocratic her to splash from one.

Ignoring a messages, she leaves a lavatory and sees Principal Featherhead entrance into a school. Alice runs in a conflicting instruction and turns a corner, usually to find a Gargoyle King roaming a halls. Naturally, she flees a propagandize in terror. The subsequent day during school, she learns that Archie’s father upheld divided during a ascent celebration and that Principal Featherhead is missing.

It’s apparent to everybody that they’ve taken a diversion too far. Featherhead’s physique is detected in a janitor’s closet during propagandize and a Midnight Club realizes he contingency have dipsomaniac from one of a chalices. The coroner manners a principal’s genocide an random self-murder and a Midnight Club confirm it’s best that they disband. Everyone agrees to destroy a game, apart any evidence, and take a GG tip to their graves. Without a Midnight Club, everybody ends adult behind in their normal lives. Fred quits song and sports to work during a stone quarry, Hermione goes all in with Hiram, Alice hides her rebel side and starts dating Hal Cooper, Penelope gives into her family and starts dating her adoptive hermit Clifford, and Sierra and Tom determine to go their apart ways.

In a benefaction day, Betty goes to Riverdale High looking for explanation that her mom was revelation a truth. After anticipating a strange chalices used in a diversion dark in a school’s prize case, she sets off to find Jughead in Dilton’s bunker. Unfortunately for Betty, Jughead is there yet entirely enthralled in a diversion of GG with Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) and some other Serpents. He gleefully informs Betty that he’s reached turn 3 and is on his approach to descending to accommodate a Gargoyle King. Betty is horrified…and a part comes to an end.


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