Shohei RTW Spring 2019


Name: Shohei

Main message: Austrian engineer Lisa Pek lived in Japan for dual years, conceptualizing for a Japanese company. Not usually did she accommodate her Japanese father during this time, though a knowledge also made her pattern sensibility. She focuses on singular materials, including both tolerable fabrics and innovative opening textiles “in sequence to emanate conform with a energetic attitude.” In her entrance Tokyo show, she used tech fabrics to qualification color-blocked parkas, shorts and tube tops in navy, black, beige and orange. While Pek designs for both genders, a men’s offerings mimicked a designs for women, including jackets with zip-off sleeves and pants that unzipped to emanate shorts. Asymmetrical slicing and folding techniques combined an corner to athleisure-style tube tops and dresses with drawstring details, while shirting fabrics were layered with jersey and other textiles to emanate deconstructed blouses.

The result: Pek’s European interpretation of Japanese character was an engaging further to Tokyo Fashion Week, and demonstrated that a engineer has intensity to attain both during home and abroad.


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